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Price: 2 Gold Coins Creator: Shadow
This island belongs to Sandalak and Boswick. If you are interested in buying some of Sandalak's resort beach properties in Ikalak and/or Bieth please contact the Sandalakian Minister of Propaganda, Keyser.

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== Sandalak is victorious ==
Date: May 30th, 2006

At 1:20 today the God's themeselves proclaimed Sandalak victorious. The entire Island is in celebration as for the first time in more then two years there will finnaly be peace. With Taselak raised to the groud there are only pockets of resistance remain of the once great Taselakian army. Despite being at a massive disadvantage in wealth and population as well as the travel time to the Toren Stronghold compared to the other two realms, Sandalak prevailed against all the odds. Under the command of Boswick, Sebastian led the army of Sandalak to an almost unbroken string of glorious victories. First in Abykal, finnaly breaking through the first Ikalakian line of defence followed by Korlock, and then finnaly Ikalak city itself. The war with Taselak started with the greatest defence of the entire island. The Taselakian forces had broken there way through to the Sandalakian capital but were defeated by the combined forces of the people of Sandalak, the current standing militia and several noibles who had just arrived on the Island. Taselak never truly recovered from this loss and suffered several major defeats in Figobar, the Cave of Guilt, Toren Stronghold followed by Moeth and finnally the victory is Taselak city by Sandalaks army.

Date: May 20th, 2006

On the afternoon of May the 20th the current population of Taselak has been butchered down to a poplation of 2584. This extreme act of violence is quite possibly the biggest slaughter of peasents in one city in the known worlds history. The origanal population stood at an impressive 26000, however after several failed takeovers Boswick and his council ordered that the city should burned to the ground. Taselak no longer resmbles a city anymore, at best a small town. It has no walls, most of its recruitment centrs are inoperational and what little taxes are collected are stolen by the Sandalakian looting force that was left in Taselak while the main army refitted and started additional takeovers of the surrounding Taselakian regions. The peasents have tried to put up a valiant fight with their duke Penny leading them on the front lines but it has been to no avail. Twice a day for the last 18 days a peasent miltia force has risen up to fight the oppressers and twice a day they are mowed down by Sandalakian calvary. Any that survive the initial charge are then butchered by advancing infantry.

If Boswick and his council were to leave this island they may well be treated like war criminals for such an act of violence on such gigantic proportions, but such is the fate of the island where there can be only war!

Castimir Flees Island
May 20th, 2006

Castimir has been seen in old Rancugua after fleeing the South East Island. After leading Ikalak to defeat he was then appointed general of Taselak where he once again, led the armys he commanded to ruin after he was outsmarted by the Sandalakian general Sebatian. He has been the doom of both realms he has served in leading both into certain defeat, he may well go down as the worst General in history for his actions, and to remove what little shred of honour he had left, he has fled his realm rather then fight his enemies, even the Taselakian nobles now see him for what he realy is, a coward.

The Heroic Nobles of Sandalak
Date: May 30th, 2006

These names before you are the victors of the first South East Island war. These names may well become legendary in the future.

Al, Alex II, Alexei, Althea, Amos, Andross, archer, Arnold, Ascadia, Atrian, Black Fox, Bloodbath, Boom 2, Borian, Boswick, Boudicca, Carlo, Carter, Charles, Contrebeck, Cyperus, Cyril, Darian, Darinus, Dark Shadow, Deimos, Delaran, Dilgaard, Dispater, Dormein, Eagle, EastMed, Ellanor, Falstaff, Faradon, Feanor, Finegus, Fingolfin, Finn, Gafgarion, Gaso, George, Gilgamesh, Guido, Harald, Hassan, Hei, Henry, Hiei, Hongli, Hue, Hvrek, Ibiac, Jaguar, Jair, jesse, Jmik, Jolee, Julius, Kahlia, Kaidoky, Kainaq, Katerina, Katsu, Keyser, Killian, Kostova, Lady, Lestat, Little Ogre, lorddeath the second, Louis, Lu Bu, Lucius Artorius Castus, Magnus, Malak, Malcom, Marioara, Marius, Mark, Matador, melissa, Midnight, Mighty, Moonglum, Mungo, Oreus, Osiris, papewaio, Phear, Phelan, Pile, Ranger, Rigel, Rinoa, Riscoso, Roscoe, Sarpedon, Scipio, Sebastian, Senchae, SeTh, SG, Shadow, Sheldar, Sienna, Silena, Sirion, Smithy, Sponge, suiso, Tancred, Trapper, Trystrem, Tycho, Valarya, Vengeance, Vladimir, welcome to, Will, Wolf, Yorgenn, Zack the Great, Zel

Recent events on the South-East Island
May 30th, 2006

Sandalak declared Victorious

Taselak city burnt to the ground, 90% of the population wiped out

Sandalak begins heavy looting of Taselak city

Umkinnu taken by Sandalak

Multiple Takeovers Started in Taselak and failed

Takeover attempt begins on Taselak city

Sandalak attacks Taselak city and secures a massive victory

Sandalak recruits a massive army

Taselak drives Sandalak out of Belus

Taselak attacks Astin with its army but is crushed

Sandalak drives Taselak out of Astin - Heavy Militia placement

Astin retaken by Taselak

Neralle Taken by Sandalak, Taselak cut in two