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Daily news from the Northern Kingdom

Editor's comment: We do not consider the Minas Ithil Messenger as an inferior paper. We do not consider it a paper at all.

Minas Ithil thwarted yet again
May 06, 2006
The Ithilian plans to block Barad Riel by occupying Amdor have failed miserably, as the Royal Estonite Army massacred their foes. Even though the battle was closely matched with only a slight advantage for Eston, Minas Ithil lost twice as much troops in the fray. The fight in Amdor is yet another demonstration of the tactical superiority of the Estonite commanders, who rely on cunning strategic maneuvers, rather than the brute force used by their enemies. With most of the Ithilian force slaughtered, Barad Riel has been relieved, as the Estonite victors march onwards to the mountain city.

Barony raid stopped in its tracks
May 03, 2006
After the looting of Sale, the Makarian dictator Sordnaz promised brutal retaliation against Eston. Today, it seems he will have to postpone his plans, as the latest attempt to raid the Kingdom was nipped in the bud. After briefly occupying Fiddleford, the Norlandic forces fled and abandoned their Makarian allies, who foolishly assumed they could march onwards to Saradic unopposed. They were greeted by a wall of Estonite swords, and in a short but brutal fight, Eston gave the Barony raiders a taste of their own medicine. Hundreds of Makarian soldiers were slaughtered, and the raiders have been sent running, their tails between their legs.

Minas Ithil evacuates Amriel
Apr 26, 2006
For no apparent reason, the Ithilian occupants have left Amriel, and are heading home. One must wonder why they wasted a full week in the field without even attempting to deal a blow to their enemy. The only movement seen from them lately was a small force sent out to liberate the Barony capital of Sale. For the rest, the Ithilians did nothing more than sit around their encampments in Amriel, most likely still shaking at the sight of the glorious mountain city of Barad Riel, where they experienced first hand why the city will never fall to the enemy.

Helpless Barony calls for allies
Apr 26, 2006
The cowardice and ineptitude of the Barony of Makar has once again been demonstrated, as the 'ferocious' raiders begged their allies for relief forces. With their own armies reduced to a mere few hundred soldiers, the Barony was unable to halt the Talerian invaders from ravaging their capital. A large force from Norland, backed by a handful of Ithilian troops, has been dispatched to liberate Sale and deal with the Talerians. The Barony has once again been exposed as the weak, pathetic nation it has been since they bent over for Krypton and his cronies.

Sale sacked and looted
Apr 23, 2006
At sunset today, the Talerian army struck in the heart of the Barony, as they succesfully invaded their capital, the coastal city of Sale. They hit the city with outstanding force, resulting in the deaths of two Barony heroes, and the destruction of the stronghold fortifications. This attack was a retaliation for the continuous slaughtering of innocent Estonite civilians at the hands of the Barony forces, and the Alliance will not hesitate to launch another such attack, if the raids continue.

Moramroth soaked in blood
Apr 22, 2006
Today, a particulary bloody page of the war has been written on the mountains of Moramroth, as Estonite and Norlandic forces clashed. The battle was ferocious and resulted in heavy casualties on both sides. Kyra Barghouti, a young heroine from Eston, and sister to Marouane Barghouti, Marshal of the Army of Massillion, sacrificed her life to save those of her fellow troop leaders. When the dust settled, only a handful of Estonite archers were left standing on the battlefield. The battle had been won, but the toll was heavy.