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The northern woods of Tellwood are home to many beasts. The heavy snow and woods are rumored to hide yetis and to be home to some of the most fearsome vikings of the north. To the east, the massive citadel of Icegate and its huge walls rise into the distance, visible even from here.

The woods extend for over a hundred miles from east to west, and near half that north to south. Thick and covered in an eternal snow, Tellwood is currently under the rule of Jens Namtrah.

You know of only two estates in the entire region - the lordly manor and that of his knight, whoever it may be at the time. The sparse villages are filled with men and women who have had the way of the viking in their blood for hundreds of generations, and the Hörgr of Makar dominates even the slightest hint of paganism.

It is a rough area, thick with woods and friendly to none. It is probably best to leave, just in case the yetis are still around...