Sandalak Sleuth

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Sandalak Sleuth
Free for Sandalak Taselak is too poor, Ikalak is dead Issue One
End of the war finally in sight?
Yesterday, Sandalak completed it's final goal in the Great March to Taselak City. The Taselakian mobile forces, who had just taken back Belus, were thoroughly obliterated in Belus. One Taselakian hero was killed by the Big Bad Army, which had gathered in force after the battle. As this article is being written, over 30,000 Sandalakian CS is coming down on Taselak City, in what hopefully will be the final major battle of the war. Many Taselakians have jumped the sinking ship, hoping to be part of the winning team, but they have all been rejected, as the cowards they are.

More to come...

Ikalak City seized by Sandalak, Ikalak dying
On the morning of January 5th, 2006, our valiant efforts in the north of the South east Island finally paid off. At 6am local time, the last remnants of the government resistance were expelled and replaced by Sandalakian officials. The Sandalakian banner was raised over the town centre, the local militia has been wiped out to the last man and 30-year old noble Alexei Dolohov was inaugurated as the new Duke of Ikalak. Resictance amongst the Ikalakian nobles is falling, as most of them are either wounded or imprisoned. The remaining Ikalakians are being chased in what appears to become the largest manhunt in the history of the Island.

So far, none of the Ikalakian Council have been seen or heard. They are reported to be hiding, as many fear they will not be able to escape torture or even death should they be caught. Many of our warriors have called for the execution of Sir Grig Tyrell, who was responsible for the death of Aesurrin, our covert specialist. Meanwhile, plans are underway to take Ikalak's last region and effectively kill the realm.

Ikalak's last stand
After their defeat in Korlok, the Ikalakian forces were unable to defend themselves, and for the second time in weeks, theur capital was invaded by a foreign armada. Our glorious army swept away the last of the Ikalakian rabble, and is firmly in control. With Taselak fighting a fool's war in the south of Sandalak, there is little or no hope for Ikalak. This time, they won't be saved.

The final downfall of Ikalak started a few days ago, when Korlok was invaded in a desperate move to regain one of their lost regions. Since most of the army was refitting in their capital, Ikalak had little trouble with the defenders. They won the battle and initiated a takeover attempt, which was crushed the next day. In a hard-fought battle, the brave soldiers of Sandalak massacred the invaders, and another day later, launched a retaliatory strike in Ikalak City. The weakened defenders were crushed with little effort, and a takeover attempt was started.

In just a few days, Ikalak City will fly the Sandalakian banner, and the last stage of the war will commence, as our glorious army will take on the foolish Taselakians and claim what is rightfully theirs, the status of superior army.

Taselak humiliated in Sandalak City
On the morning of January 2nd, 2006, Taselak grew foolishly overconfident and launched an attack on our capital. They were unprepared, and their intelligence had failed to notice the support troops coming from the north. General Formidus the Fool of Taselak underestimated the might of Sandalak, and was rewarded with an abasing defeat. Sandalak's militia combined with several army regiments fought the invaders with full force, and drove them off the walls of Sandalak City.

Many Taselakian troop leaders were wounded, and their force was crippled, leaving the dregs of their army vulnerable in Gwohadda. With Ikalak City about to fall under the rule of Boswick I of Sandalak, Taselak had better pull themselves together if they wish to last until summer.