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Dark times for Taselak
Date: Jan 16 2006

Taselak today was on the recieving end of a defeat which has once more set back their military plans. Taselak - still being attacked jointly by Ikalak and Sandalak, has also today lost one of it's greatest personalities, Sir Suurmias. In the battle in Riakond against Ikalak forces, Suurmias fought bravely, but his life was taken nonetheless. Lord Xerxes, current High Marshal of Taselak, was wounded during the battle. This defeat follows the the executions of two of Taselak's nobles earlier in the week, leave the realm reeling in shock.

However, hopes still run high in most quarters of Taselak. Despite being under siege by the entire island, the realm refuses to give in, and will continue to fight against Sandalak and Ikalak for as long as she possibly can.

Sandalak King killed in battle against Taselak troops
Date: Jan 05 2006

With Ikalak forces attacking from the north, and Sandalak attacking from the east, Taselak has recently been sorely pressed to defend herself. Her nobles knew that a decisive victory was needed, to show the island that even when the realm was being attacked by everyone else, she could still defend herself capably.

Earlier today, Taselak won that decisive victory:

Battle in Cave of Guilt (22 minutes ago)

Sandalak vs. Taselak

Estimated combat strengths: 9000 CS vs. 10000 CS

Sir Quirinus of Sandalak has been wounded.

Sir Phobos (Noble) (Sandalak) was captured by Taselak forces.

Sir Zereth, Baron of Figobar (Sandalak) was captured by Taselak forces.

The hero Sir Atlas, the Prime Minister of Sandalak (Sandalak) was killed.

Defender Victory!

However, all is not well elsewhere within Taselak, as Ikalak continue to take advantage of the Taselak armies being elsewhere. Capturing the region of Kail, they are now attempting to take-over Toren Stronghold. Hopes in Taselak are that the death of Sir Atlas will free up the armies of Taselak and allow them to move north and counter the Ikalak vultures.

New High Marshal in Taselak
Date: Dec 29 2005

Following the unexpected reliquishing of the role of High Marshal from Eldarion, the Duke of the Toren Stronghold, the army fell into in the hands of the then Marshal of the Army of Taselak. However after a few short days of indecision, the Marshal was then promoted to the High Marshal as the armies of Taselak gathered for counter-attack. The new High Marshal, who admitted that it had been a major surprise to him, as well as the rest of Taselak, was the recently appointed Sir Xerxes, Count of Neralle. Despite the unexpectedness of the appointment, the army continued to run smoothly to rally on the southern front, more than willing to continue their war with Sandalak.

New Ruler in Taselak
Date: Dec 15 2005

In a surprising move the former ruler of Taselak, the prestigious Sir Suurmias stepped down from his position as the leader of the Nobles. Following Suurmias' abdication from the throne, several contenders for the seat of power rose from the ranks of the Nobles. Syfo-Jaydon, a widely recognised and trusted Lord, Eldarion, the High Marshal of the Army and Duke of the Toren Stronghold and Xerxes, a relatively new, but nevertheless loyal Lord of Endelee. After several speeches and many promises and new policies put forward to the Nobles the voting found Syfo-Jaydon as the new King of Taselak with a majority of 30% of the total votes with Eldarion and Xerxes close behind.

In other news, following his election the battle for control of the Island continues as the Ikalakians continue to take regions in the north and the Taselakians and Sandalakians regroup after several vicious conflicts.

The War Begins: Taselak vs the Island
Date: Dec 04 2005

With the destruction of Toren and its lands now folded into the command of Taselak the war shifted as the remaining realms of the island, Taselak, Ikalak and Sandalak decided amongst themselves as to who would be the next target. Shortly, the first of what will inevitably be a long series of border raids and vicious scuffles for control of the northern/western front. Taselak, being well-equipped and battle-hardened having just come from the TO of Toren was able to defeat the Ikalakians easily forceing them to retreat back to their capital for rest and refit. Taselak's army, under the command of Eldarion, Duke of the Toren Stronghold, moved on to eliminate the militia in both Jerelin and Riakond before being forced to retreat due to mounting equipment damage and a surprising attack on Moeth by the armies of Sandalak. With the entrance of Sandalak into the fray it is certain now that both Sandalak have decided, either officially or unofficially, to stop fighting each other and concentrate on a common enemy. With a war on two fronts, now is the time when Taselak will have to truly prove itself and rise to save itself from being overrun....

Taselakian Victory as Torenite Presence disintegrates
Date: Nov 26 2005

A few days ago the South West Island saw the destruction of one of the three realms to disappear before the war for total control of the island is concluded. After many days of fighting with heavy losses on both sides the Torenite Capital was taken by overwhelming Taselakian forces leaving its final region Bieth completely defenceless as it fell in just a few short days. With the destruction of Toren and its regions taken over by the hordes of Taselak it is only a short time before the war begins again, this time for higher stakes and more valuable ground. As the three nations gather their forces one has to wonder...is their a God on this poor war-torn island?

Attractive peasants demand more nobles
"South-West Island just doesn't have enough good men to satisy me. Myself and my sisters are willing to try many new things, but there just isn't enough people about."

This comment, from a particularly pretty maid, expresses an opinion that can be seen throughout the island. For the good of the public, the Tattler urges all nobles to heed the ladies call. Battle and war need you. Women need you. South-West Island needs you. Of course, this editor is quite happy about the lack of noble blood on the island, as it opens up many exciting avenues for his own exploits.