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Writings from those currently not Members

There once was a Duke of Perdan
whose trousers never were on
If he ere saw a wench
alone on a bench
The conclusion was always foregone.

-Lady Raven of Aix

Amara never wanted to fight,
Yet she longed to do what was right,
One day she said "Hey!
They'll die anyway!"
Then went off to become a knight.

-Lady Amara Hart

Vulture Spleen Vodka is Mag's favorite brew
Keep your hand on your mug or he'll get you too.

Quick as a flash he'll add it to your glass,
Then you'll spend the rest of the night on your ...

-Sir Mikolas Din

Hiddukel's unit is one of kind,
And he has a bright witty mind,
But when faced with Raven,
Her boobs he was cravn'
And he now has a tender behind.

-Lady Amara Hart

Flashy Blade, and Flashing Skin
so fights our Dame Raven.

Low cut Shirt, and chaps to match
Threaten attention, minds to snatch.

Known for her sword, and her skill with such.
Or at least the men say as much.

From my experience, I tell you she's skilled.
And thankfully blessed with a Bodice well filled.

but I warn you friends... Stare at your peril.
She fights like a lion, fierce and Feral.

- Sir Hiddukel Kiri-Jolith