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Letter from Dominicus of Tyr-Sog
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Dear members of the Institute of Diplomacy,

It seems that one of the first subjects we are discussing here is a matter of a name. Although interesting, I hardly can see it as a matter of great importance to the institute.

Although, some of the students who wish to learn diplomatics in this Institute, can now see in a real life situation, what can happen if you are not particular clear in presenting your name. If not presented correctly, then it can cause some problems, like the situation we have here at hand today.

Let me first introduce myself to you all. My name is Dominicus of Tyr-Sog. I am the Silver Feather of the Order of the Golden Feather, a position that until today is the highest rank one can achieve within the religion of the Order of the Golden Feather. Besides that am I also the founder and so called profet of this faith.

To explain why this mix up of names has occured is a long story, but I shall not bore you in this lecture with that and instead give you a short summaryof what happend.

In the past I ran away from my families estate in the Barony of Makar, a realm on the continent of Atamara. To stay hidden for my aunt I used a nickname that was given to me as a child. This nickname is Silverhawk. My name of birth was Dominicus. A year or so after I heared that my brother had adopted a far cousin of us as his son. The name of this far cousin was also Dominicus.

A short time ago I gained the letter that finally my aunt had died and that I was free to reclaim my name of birth. I did so and from that day on I am known aggain as Dominicus of Tyr-Sog.

So, dear members of the Institute of Diplomacy and in particular the students, thats the reason why there as such a confusion about my name. Let it be a lesson to you. Always make sure tat you introduce yourself in the proper maner, as this will help you in any diplomatic situation.

With hope,
Dominicus of Tyr-Sog (Founder of The Order of the Golden Feather.)