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Three realms, three philsophies, one victor!

Battle in Eledrir takes heavy toll on Taselak
Date: Jan 09 2006

After seizing the Cave of Guilt a few days ago, Taselak's army marched on to Eledrir and started a TO attempt in the region. Soon afterwards, Sandalak hit the Taselakian occupational army with full force. The battle was fierce and brutal, with two sides closely matched. But in the end, Sandalak prevailed, and they delivered a crushing blow to their enemy. Two heroes laid dead, two were seriously injured. Four others were captured. The occupatinal forces were nearly completely obliterated.

And... it's now One on One: Tasalak Vs. Sandalak
Date: Jan 09 2006

Ikalak's last region of Berakor has been taken over by the occupational Sandalak forces in the region. Jair, a former troopleader of Ikalak was appointed Count Berakor shortly afterwards by Dictator Boswick of Sandalak. With this, the once dominant force known as Ikalak is no more. Several former influencial Ikalak troopleaders have moved on, with Castamir and Aramil joining Tasalak and Zack the Great joining Sandalak. Grig is nowhere to be found on the island, and we can only wonder where other prominant Ikalak troopleaders will end up, such as Yavanna, Quixote, and Eavan.

Ikalak City Taken Over!
Date: Jan 05 2006

Sandalak's efforts have caused their pivotal takeover of Ikalak City to finally suceed after several days of occupation. Early this morning, the final pockets of government resistance were finally wiped out and the Sandalak banner raised in the city, where the Ikalak banner previously stood. Alexei Dolohov, a former dictator of Sandalak, was inaugurated as the new Duke of Ikalak soon afterwards. At the moment, it seems as though Sandalak's gamble has paid off, with Ikalak City in Sandalak hands and Tasalak's attack on Sandalak City sucessfully repeled. Reduced to their last region Berakor, it appears that it's only a matter of time before Ikalak's coffin is finally nailed shut.

Southern SEI faces war again
Date: Dec 27 2005

Yesterday, the Sandalakian government received note that Taselak considers the CF agreement as null and void. This will undoubtedly cause Sandalak and Taselak to wage war on eachother once again. Already, a large Taselakian force was seen gathering in Moeth, and the first border skirmish has taken place in Figobar.

And with Ikalak slowly regaining its military strength, the Island might be looking at a fll-scale war on three fronts. More news as the situation unfolds.

The Walls close in
Date: Dec 27 2005

The news of the massive geological events on the East Continent fall on alrady troubled ears as the forces of both Taselak and Sandalak close in around the besieged city of Ikalak. However as always the determined Nobles of Ikalak put themselves at the forefront in heroic defence of the White City and although the odds are stacked against them they still continue to fight after the loses of Korlok, Wellaf and Dakan to the enemy.

After the immediate siege of the City concluded with both armies forced to retreat, the Ikalakians launched an ill-fated counter-attack against the Occupational Forces of Sandalak in Korlok. However many Nobles did not receive the orders to march in time, and infiltrator actions which blocked the pathways to Korlok, these combined series of misfortunate events led to an inferior army engaging the enemy and with loss the Ikalakians regrouped and retreated to the city. However, despite these loses the Ikalakians continue to wage a valiant defence of their city in the hopes of one day earning their long deserved freedom to strike back at the barbaric snakes of Sandalak.

Battle for Ikalak begins
Date: Dec. 17 2005

The battle for the control over Ikalak City has begun. Two days after Taselak started their takeover attempt, Sandalak sent in an armada to thwart the Taselakian plans. Though they were no match for the defending force, the Sandalakians achieved their main objective: putting a stop to the takeover and buy time to mount a full-scale attack. Surprisingly, Ikalak greeted the Sandalakians with hostility, calling them traitors and backstabbers because they supposedly broke their ceasefire agreement with Taselak, even though the agreement does not include attacks on foreign soil. Sandalak claims that Taselak has broken the agreement earlier by taking control of the Toren Stronghold and Bieth.

Even more surprising, several Ikalakians have now sided with their invaders! Several sources report Ikalakians and Taselakians fraternizing, which is described by Hassan of Sandalak as follows: "I don't get it, we save Ikalak from destruction by stopping the takeover, and they go off and have drinks with Taselak! I think they finally lost all sense of reality. They left their capital wide open for Taselak in the first place, which leads me to believe that Ikalak is trying their best to make sure Sandalak does not get control of Ikalak City. The final act of a desperate realm."

It is certain that the final word on this issue has not been said, as both Taselak and Sandalak are preparing for the next round of combat. Several voices have been heard saying that if Ikalak wishes to survive the next few weeks, they should use the opportunity to regroup whilst Taselak and Sandalak fight over the Northern capital.

More news will follow as the situation develops.

Rebellion in Taselak!
Date: Nov. 27 2005

Possibly the shortest rebellion in record took has taken place in Taselak. Rumours suggest less than an hour after Trilion the Silver Dagger rised up to lead in the insurgents against what he saw as un unjust government he and his followers were struck down. The rebuttle was swift, crushing the rebellion before it had even really began. Details are sketchy but there seems no firm reason for the rebellion other than Trilion's greed for power, a dangerous thing for such a young troop leader.

Two days after the failed rebellion Trilion the Silver Dagger was publicly executed to warn any fellow troop leaders against any ideas against the government and Lone Wolf's long standing reign. This was followed on the 1st of December by Shadow Skull who supported the rebellion, obviously assumming he too could gain a position of power in Taselak.

News Ticker (most recent events first)
Jan 11, 2006

Berakor taken by Sandalak, Ikalak wiped off the map

Ikalak City has been sucessfully taken over by Sandalak.

Sandalak sucessfully repels Tasalak's attack on Sandalak city.

Brutal Takeover begun by Sandalak in Ikalak City.

Tasalak takes over Figobar.

Taselak blows up ceasefire agreement, gathers in Moeth.

The Walls of Korlok are restored to Lvl 2 by the Sandalakian Occupation Force.

Sandalak massacres the people of Wellaf and assumes control of the region.

Kietrem falls under Sandalakian control.

Struggle over Ikalak City begins as Taselak and Sandalak regroup.

Sandalak suicides into Ikalak City to stop the takeover, and succeeds.

Taselak invades Ikalak City, initiates takeover attempt.

Ikalak loses Korlok and Dakan, Ikalak City open for attack.

Unagae taken over by Sandalak, takeover attempt underway in Korlok.

Palisade wall tore down completely in Korlok, leaving it with no fortified posistions.

Massive battle in Korlok as Ikalak try to repel the Sandalakians from their regions. Sandalak win convincingly.

Mote and bailey in Korlok destroyed by Sandalakian occupational force

Sandalak invades Korlok, wins skirmishes in Aboal and Kietrem

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