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This page is Tom's direct quotes on banning.

Enemy Realm Banning

Because this has come up and is going to come up again:

My official policy on characters in enemy realms, and especially on banning them is this:

Having a character in some other, even enemy, realm alone should not ever be enough cause for a ban.

Spying, of course, can be grounds for either an IC (if it's roleplayed) or even an OOC (if it is done OOC) ban.

There are some people who enjoy fighting themselves, and can perfectly well seperate their characters. There are many people who might not realize that there is something wrong with this. And, of course, there are the cases of shifting diplomacy, where the friend of yesterday is the enemy of tomorrow.

Give people a chance. Any policy of "immediate ban" is absolutely not within the spirit of the game. It is paranoia, and a kind of paranoia that can easily turn perfectly innocent and good players away from the game, so I don't want it.

If you have reasons to suspect that someone is channeling information to your enemy, by all means use the tools available (ban, fine, message groups, whatever).

Just having a character somewhere else _is fine_. The islands where this is undesired by the game already have a one-character limit, so it can't happen. If the game allows you to put two characters on the island, then the game also allows you to put them in enemy realms.