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The Crowe Family: Headed by a mysterious man never seen outside the Crowe family compound, and thus rarely seen by anyone but the Crowes themselves, the family's master plans are decided by this Grandfather, the parent of the various family Captains who are spread out in various lesser estates across the continents. These estates are where the current generation of Crowe nobles who are politically active grew up together for the most part.

The family is known, among circles which are aware of such things, as a family of plotters, constantly seeking any information they can get while distributing it only to trusted allies, the family itself(when appropriate), and to their mentors. The members of the family seem to have an aptitude for finding mentors who seem to have common goals and visionary ideas with the noble, and then serving the mentor as an agent, performing all sorts of jobs, pertaining to information if possible, as well as, of course, learning from their teacher.

Raven Line: This line of the family tends to be somewhat less subtle and more focused on combat, often spending time training as adventurers before reclaiming noble status. Still, subterfuge is not unknown to them and they certainly have the typical Crowe lust for information. These are the people to contact to find information hidden in a dark fortress away from the world, or a mysterious item from the depths of the Underworld.

Alae: An adventurer on the East Continent, in the realm of Nighthelm. Cousin of Nawat and Brooden, sister of Obery, after her own training period she travelled to Beluterra to reach her ultimate goal, as of yet unknown to all but her brother and superiors.


Currently training in a Crowe family compund, Obery is none too happy with the falls of the only two nations he has loved, Avamar and Light of Fountain.

Grey Crow Line:

This line is that of the masters of information, the sort of people to come to when you need to discover something hidden in the dark corridors of government.


A trader on the West Continent, in the realm of Pian En Luries.


A priest on Beluterra, in the realm of Melhed, to which he is the Augur.