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The House Corian

The long and sordid tale of the Corian family.

Early Days

Ulrich du Corian

Ulrich was a swordsman who came of age in the Ash Sea Islands before traveling north to desert realm of Southasland. Upon founding his estate in Southasland, the legendary swordsman Ulrich became involved with the local politics of the land, making his was up through the ranks of knights to eventually take his place as the Judge and Duke of Tucha.

Southasland found itself under an extended siege lasting months and slowly weakening the structure of Tucha. During the last days of this siege Ulrich was leading his men in a defense of the northern wall when he slain by an enemy arrow.

Ulrich, the eldest of the Corian family was survived by his brother Cormack.

Cormack du Corian

Cormack, younger brother to Ulrich was a born salesman and a well known swordsman. He was the winner of four tournaments and finished within the final rounds in tournaments across Atamara. He emigrated to Norland from Eston in his youth and eventually rose to the upper echelon in Brackhead society.

Cormack was best known as the "Barbarian Beancounter", the Minister of Finances of Norland and founder of the EATC (Eastern Atamara Trading Cartel). He served Norland as the Marquis of Shiverwood founding the Order of Shiverwood, at one point the largest of the Orders of Knighthood in Norland. These brave men were charged with protecting the greatest national treasure of Norland, the Black Squirrel Brewery deep in the forests of Shiverwood. He went on to later serve as Duke of York and died defending Norland during the siege of Makar.

Cormack was survived by his children Eiric and Annwn.

The Hermetic Age

Eiric du Corian

Eiric, son of Cormack was born and raised at the du Corian estate in Brackhead. He attempted to follow in his fathers footsteps but never managed to gain those levels of fame. He left the trading career and took up the sword as a Hero. He was captured in the assault on Mapo and deported, he returned to Atamara and died in battle.

Annwn du Corian

Annwn, daughter of Cormack left Norland before the ashes of her fathers funeral pyre had finished burning. She wandered foreign lands studying the dark arts and searching for the power she needed to avenge her fathers death. Her quest led her to the wild lands of the Far East and she eventually settled in Soliferum and becoming the Duchess of Ortedail. Her studies in the dark arts eventually led her to secede from Soliferum and found the Grand Lodge of Lunaria, the largest center of Hermetic Learning and Ritual in the known world. One night while performing a secret ritual, she vanished. Annwn's steward found the ring ringers of both of her hands, rings still attached in a small wooden bowl inside a circle drawn out in feathers. She was never seen again.

Or was she... [UPDATE: After three years in hiding, Annwn du Corian was captured by soldiers in Soliferum and executed.]

Annwn was survived by her children Elric and Cormack William.

The Renegade's

Cormack and Elric left the far east and were sent to live with a distant relative after their mothers disappearance. They eventually came of age and traveled to Atamara in an attempt to find the hidden family fortune mentioned in their grandfather's journals.