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"With Honor, Deeds, and Blood"

House Summary

House Cassel, originating from Ash'rily, is a relatively new noble house. Hailing from the southern isles of Atamara, House Cassel consists of a mix of Ashlantean and Abington bloodlines; although, the family, more accurately, comes from Ash'rilian heritage.

Family Tree

                                             *Rodren Cassel
                                                    |+Grandmother Cassel
     |                     |                        |                   |                |             
  *Balgus               Eldern                    Doran----------+    Eriya            Balen
                           |+Wife                   |+Wife       |  (Married)            |+Wife
            +-------+------+--------+       +-------+-------+    |               +-------+-------+                                          
            |       |      |        |       |       |       |    |               |       |       |               
          Naria   Enthorn Dren    Rory    Rodrik  Reya  *Cebil Dryden          Rodry  Celyia   Drendle                          
        (Married)                           |   (Married)      (Bastard)

* Indicates Deceased Family Member

Family History

The Birth of House Cassel

Rodren, the founding member of the house, began his career as a simple sailor aboard a fishing vessel; sailing up and down the isles, he was far removed from the politicis of the realms and quite content to be so.

However, the conflicts of the outside world soon drew him in; his ship was attacked and boarded by Abington privateers. Rodren took up arms in defense of his crewmembers and fought valiantly against his invaders, slaying many privateers before taking a wound himself.

Impressed by the unexpected talents of lowly a sailor, the privateer captain took Rodren by swordpoint and made him an offer; he could either join his crew or die. Being only 16, he had no desire to die so young, Rodren took the captain up on the offer and served as a privateer.

Honing his new found talents he proved to be quite the soldier. He was drafted into the Abington Army, becoming a Serjeant at the age of 25. During their campaigns against ASI, Rodren became well respected for his ability to navigate Abington troops through the salty terrain of the islands.

After Ash'rily was under Abington control, Rodren was raised to knighthood for his contributions to the campaign. He took a step back from active combat and was assigned to assist in the training and leadership of the city militia and guards.

After being knighted, Rodren took a wife and was drawn into a more buerocratic lifestyle. Surrounding himself in the politics of the city, rather than the politics of the continent.

Active Family Members

Sir Rodrik Cassel

Continent: Atamara

Realm: Abington

Title(s): Knight of Narville, Knight of the Army of Valor

Leader of the Valor Guard

Sir Enthorn Cassel

Continent: Atamara

Realm: Abington

Title(s): Freeknight, Praetorian Army: 5th Cohort

Leader of The Brotherhood of Steel

Sir Dren Cassel (Missing?)

Continent: Unknown

Realm: Unknown

House Cassel cannot currently confirm the whereabouts of Dren. When last in contact, Dren was serving Giblot in the Colonies.

Dryden (Bastard)

Continent: Unknown

Realm: Unknown

Little is currently known about this bastard to House Cassel.

Retired Family Members

Deceased Family Members