Brotherhood of the Black Rose/Studies

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What We Teach


Every warrior, whether or not they realize it, goes into battle with some form of emotion. It is the job of the Brotherhood to help them realize that and to help them control it and use it to fight at their best. The emotion can be anger, despair, happiness, or anything.




Fighting Styles

Desert Wind
Speed and mobility are the hallmarks of the Desert Wind style. Agility, clever foot work, and quick charges are traits of this style.
Devoted Spirit
Faith, piety, purity of body and mind are wellsprings of a warriors true power. The Devoted Spirit harnesses the spiritual strength and zeal of its practitioners, to almost superhuman feats allowing the practitioner to remain standing and fighting long after a lesser man would have fallen. Purity and zeal can always reach new heights when concerning mortal man.
Diamond Mind
True quickness lies in the mind, not the body. A student of the Diamond Mind hones his perceptions and disciplines his thoughts, allowing them to react in such small amounts of time, others are barely able to perceive it. It teaches that an enemy of the mind must be first defeated physically. Speed of thought is essential on the battlefield, and the Diamond Mind stresses this.
Iron Heart
Absolute mastery of the sword is the goal of the Iron Heart. Constant practice yields best results, and unwavering courage best complement martial skill. Dizzying maneuvers and courages charges are the epitome of this style.
Setting Sun
Strength is an illusion. The adherents of this style philosophy understand that no warrior can hope to be stronger, faster and more skilled than everyone of his enemies. Therefore this style teaches one to use an enemies strengths against him, using throws and the like. You must be empty of preconception and impulse to follow this style.
Shadow Hand
A secret art popular amongst assassins, it has its battlefield applications. How you wish to use it is your choice. The Shadow Hand teaches that you should never show an adversary what they expect to see, emphasizing misdirection, deception and surprise. The most effective blow is against an enemy who doesn't even know they are in danger.
Stone Dragon
The strength and endurance of mountains epitomize the Stone Dragon style. Methodical and relentless application of force will cause any foe to yield.
Tiger Claw
Used primarily in savage lands, the practitioner of this style tap into the primal fury of predators, and become fierce foes. It teaches consciousness is the enemy of instinct, and that the it is not so much a discipline, but a method to tap into the animalistic nature of combat
White Raven
No warrior fights in isolation. Cooperation, Teamwork and leadership can give two warriors the strength of five. Marshals around the world would benefit from this style, and any who lead their men into battle could as well.