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The Blackaxe family is an old merchent family fleeing the turnmoil of the island. They found salvation in the realm Light of Fountain and in eternal gratitude gave their sons as nobles to the realm. The 1st son 'Knife' was stolen by bandits on route to Light of Fountain and has not been recovered. The two sons born in the realm dont know him.


The 1st son to be born in the family's household, he was a strong warrier from childhood. He used to fight with the other village boys and gathered a repution as a peace keeper. His eduction was simple. Splite half and half between management and fighting. He is a mild believer in Light of Fountain and when hte takes to the field he carries a blade called "Arcital" which means sunblade in an old nearly forgoten tongue.


Was the 2nd baby to be born in the Blackaxe family's household. He was always the clever one and was sent to a special school in Fontan to complete his education. The school was run by priests of Light of Fountain and the young man decided to become a priest of this order and spread its true and holy word all across the island. He carries a simple wooden staff and is a fanitical believer in the religion Light of Fountain.


Taken at the point of a sword when he was 2 years old, he was sold as a slave to a man on the island of Beluaterra. When he was 10 the man died and 'Knife' fled with some of his other slaves. He learned how to fight in the harsh world with they ran to and, after his group was attacked and killed by some undead, he decided to dedicate his life to hunting down every last undead on the whole of Beluaterra and destroying them. He fights with a knife and believes in his own strength not that of a God.


Not a blood member of the family. He was adopted because he fought well in battles to defend the realm of old. He was sent to another island to make a name for himself there. He had spent some time on his manners and wasn't quite a noble yet. He believes in the bow and is a veteran archer. He is said to have hit an eye out of an Officer's head at 330ft (with a bow that is only ment to go up to 150ft). Has a large amout of tobacco shipped over for him to chew. Likes the stuff it seems. He was given a bow after joining the family. The bow is made of wood which seems to never age, has a string which never snaps and has a range of 450ft! He was attacked by a priveter under the command of TARA and hates them now with a passion. He will go to any lenghts to win victorys and has, it is rummord, paid for the killing of higher officers so he can win. These are as I say rummors.

                                    Family tree
Knife               Viti                                    Vitu                        Lasio