Ash Family

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A young, inexperienced noble family, broken from a much older blood-line known as the Ashton family.

The Ash family is centuries old, dating back to more prestigious days under the name "Ashton". The head of the family was a Warlord named Alexial Ashton. Alexial won many battles, and was celebrated for his military might and intelligence in peace-time.

However, his brother Katar defected to a rebel uprising, seeking to usurp his brother from power. A bloody battle followed, resulting in Alexial being struck down by Katar's spear. Katar was killed by an Ash Bow, the traditional Ashton family Archer unit. As Alexial neared death, his family was fractured, with a small group of relatives leaving for distant lands, shortening their name to "Ash". The Ash family then fractured itself, the majority lead away by Maxwell Ash.

A young lady and sister of Maxwell, known as Larita, disappeared from the Ash family, the official report was she sailed away to distant lands by herself. No word has yet returned of her fate.

There is talk of an elder cousin of Maxwell's whose illness prevents him from leading the family. But these are just rumours. Nobody of this description has been seen outside the family manor.

Current Nobles, as well as their rank in the family:

Maxwell (Leader, Hero)

Liang (Cousin of Maxwell, Heir, ???)