Amulet of Yendor/Database

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Sage Encounters

Weekly updated

The encounters reported will need the location, date, adventurer's name, hours and fatigue when it happened, and the items needed

    • Bessimir xdate Othon 8 hours 1 fatigue Smashed Shield, Wolf's Hide, Giant Serpent Eyes, Old Horn
    • Doatnu xdate Othon 7 hours 14 fatigue Fool's gold, old ring
    • Sandefur xdate Othon 6 hours 2 fatigue offer to repair


Weekly updated

Every common item exchanged with the WM will be recorded, as well as the current debt in the guild treasure. When an adventurer sell a crafted or repaired unique item, it will be paid in order to satisfy the contribution and add a generous reward.

xadventurer - current debt - value of items provided in silver - Balance (positive or negative)