Aljfoi Suaht Family

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Family Background

Mosious was an ambitious noble who was passionate for Tor and enjoyed the camaraderie of war and the glory of battle. Loyalty and integrity meant everything to Mosious. Although he was closed off to many whom he considered arrogant imbeciles, his close friends could trust him with their lives. For this reason he was beloved by those close to him who enjoyed his honest and courageous spirit. Tor blessed Mosious with the gift of incredible culinary skills. His most famous signature dish was an apple pie whose crust, when first cut into, releases a flock of birds. Though he considered himself a military man at heart, Mosious took on the responsibility of High Adjudicator in Everguard and served as judge from Everguard's beginning, until his death. Mosious treasured a holy ring, blessed by Tor with the power of lightning. He carried it with him to every battle, and it is rumoured the ring was destroyed in his final..fatal battle in Gelene Outskirts as he bravely defended his homeland from monsters.