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Ajarnism is a religion of cleanliness and purity. Achieving soul enlightenment through purity of the flesh. Followers of Ajarnism are the cleanest of followers on all of Colonies! In fact, they're so clean you could eat your dinner off of them. No, really. Eat your dinner off of them. There is also talks of some kind of attractive forest Goddess, though only Ajarn seems to have seen her.

Trials of Ajarnism

1 - You must be stripped and submerged in a vat of alcohol, while handmaidens wash and clean you. Once your phisical flesh has been washed of it's sin, you must consume the alcohol of your sins until your body becomes limp and your soul, now full of sin, no longer is able to assosiate with your flesh, and your body collapses to the ground.

2 - Once your body has collapsed, the handmaidens will dress you in a white robe. You will then be carried and laid down on a slab deep within a forrest. You will be wearing nothing but your robe. If you awaken, your soul will have cleansed it's evil, and your body and soul will both be pure. You must make your way back to the temple you are running your trials in without your body becoming unpure.

3 - Once at the temple, you will be stripped once more and your body inspected. If your body remains pure, your soul must now be inspected. You will be handed a jug of alcohol, and must drink the whole thing in one. If you do not throw up, your soul is pure, and you have passed the trials of Ajarn.