Adventurer Hints

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  • Cooperation and investigation are key to hunting.
  • Hunting when there aren't many monsters/undead around will result in many frustrating "you couldn't find them" events. Hunting when there are lots around gives you a bigger chance to find them and larger groups when you do find them.
  • Sharing investigation reports among adventurers can help you zero in on the lucrative hunting grounds.
  • Remember that the landscape changes constantly. The monsters you spotted here yesterday can have been hunted down today, and the empty region next door can have spawned some. However, spawnings are rarely from 0 to 100, regions more "build up" a monster/undead problem over time. So it can be an idea to wait a little before hunting, provided nobody else takes your prey away from you...
  • Did I say that cooperation is important?


  • The items you can find depend on the region type you are in (and other factors).
  • Prices and if there is a buyer at all also vary by region.
  • After gathering in a region for some time(and you actually find something), move on to another region or wait until turn change. It gets more and more difficult to find items within the same turn if you have already found some item/s in that turn.
  • You have lesser chance of finding an item in a city due to disturbance by militia and peasants.
  • So, one of the ideas when the class was designed was that you usually (not always!) want to hunt and gather in the more remote regions, then return to cities or townslands to sell and rest. If you find gathering and selling too difficult, try playing this way, you will find it works better.