Aduresartaniam Family

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The Aduresartaniam family seems to have risen from the ashes of some dishonored and overthrown Sartanian noble house. The name of this family—"Burn Sartania"—is obviously made-up. Few claim to know who they were originally: the history of treachery and shame in their former realm makes for a number of candidates. The trickle of knowledge that has come out began when a young, belligerent (and, on most accounts, stupid) Aduresartaniam called Decimus appeared in Arcachon as if by spontaneous generation, complete with a host of twenty-five, silk-and-steel-adorned, personal guards by his side. Boastfully heralding the demise of distant Sartania, the fiery whelp was quickly shouted down by the nobles of the land.

Days later, a young woman obviously of noble blood arrived at the southeast Arcachon shore, and with her were twenty-five armed servants identical in dress to Decimus's. As this stunning Sartanian woman leisurely marched to Enlod, all those who saw her openly wondered to each other who she might be. From her features, most suspected that she was kin to the hotheaded Decimus. Was this his cousin coming to greet him?

The Sartanian party and the growing crowd following them made their way to the center of Enlod and stopped. Decimus was there waiting with his own men to receive her—nervously, to the amazement of all, for his smirk of self-righteousness had never left him in the days prior. The two phalanxes maneuvered to combine into a formation of fifty. Looking upon Decimus, the youthful noblewoman finally spoke: "And have our brutish friends also arrived?" Decimus nodded. "Very well, then proceed." She stared at him oddly, as if expecting something. Decimus quickly turned to face the crowd, now stern and straight-faced, and yelled loudly, "I present to you the sublime princess, Quinta Aduresartaniam!" He looked back at her and held out his right hand. "Dearest sister, welcome to our new home." She took his hand and kissed him (a little too passionately for siblings, most thought), gazing upon him warmly. Then she slapped him. He backed away sheepishly as she turned to the crowd of onlookers and smiled. She had hoped for more Arcachonian nobles in the assembled mob but saw only two or three standing in the back, watching the Aduresartaniam show with suspicion. No matter, she thought. Having two hundred peasants under her thumb would be just as beneficial as a handful of barons. She began speaking.

"I have heard that my noble husband made quite an event of his presence some days ago. It was our royal father who blessed him with his tact." Most in the crowd had trouble laughing through their shock. Decimus held his face down, his growing anger at her tempered only by his embarrassment.

"I assure you, he is merely filled with a rage focused on gaining justice and prosperity for all. But we are not here to acquire this by provoking unwanted conflict with foreign realms." Some onlookers nodded in approval. "Our wealth and our men are now at the service of Arcachon. And I assure you: they are far greater than the coins Decimus has lost to you gambling in pubs and this paltry company of swordsmen." The crowd did laugh that time.

She looked back at her brother and husband. He was poised to strike her, but she held him back with a whisper: "Be calm, my love; it is only diplomacy." Quinta turned back to her audience and continued: "But for now, we must retire. Tomorrow we shall begin summoning our House's steel. For I hear there is a southern campaign on the horizon." With this, (almost) all cheered.