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Sceptre, when you sign you have to write just ~~~~... the "nowiki" thing is there so that the page doesn't recognise the ~~~~ symbol... That symbol does that:

Shoenaemaeh 5 February 2006 18:37 (CET)

It's an automatic signature...

And don't erase the whole page and paste it again, because you also erased the underlinings of each record...

As for the record swordfighting skills, if I'm not mistaken Dead_Angel showed off at 65% during the tourney in Varyamo Nalvo. Can anyone confirm this? Marouane 8 February 2006 20:57 (CET)

There are certainly higher skills out there, I'm fairly sure I've seen a 70% but my thinking is that a tourney is the only way to verify these scores, and they should be updated only after a "show off" mcsporran 8 February 2006 21:07 (CET)

I think Vulcan in Atamara has around 80% but i can't confirm this (he always wins the tournaments in swordfighting)

My character Alpha got 75% show off at a tournament once. on FEI

I have to remember those names next time there is a tourney and i have some gold to bet :D Marouane 8 February 2006 22:10 (CET)

Are stats about medals really worth it? For a start, they're given to players and not characters, so there should technically be a new section. Anyway, all of those medal records already there are beaten by Kathleen Stalnaker...--Roy 9 February 2006 14:40 (CET)

medals records moved to new section, record added appropriately :p Marouane 9 February 2006 14:49 (CET)

Should we have medal records at all ? The first rule of medals is : You do not talk about medals mcsporran 9 February 2006 17:51 (CET)

Regarding the striking through of the swordfighting and jousting skills - I removed the strikethroughs. It doesn't matter if you don't believe they're not the highest - until you can find proof of a better record, they should stand as they are. I mean, there are several records that I know aren't actually the highest in whatever category, but until I prove it, I'm not going to muck them up. This page should be constantly evolving as new records are found and broken, we can't have people striking through ones they disagree with. Rant over :) --Roy 10 February 2006 02:34 (CET)