Skat Players' Association

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The Skat Players' Association was formed on 5 September 2008 by Marquis Crip Grindle of Elroth, with a new guildhouse and opening drop-in tournament in Elroth, hosted by Crip and refereed by his past captain, Werner of Werner's Skat Militia in Barad Gardor, a ten-time Skat tournament winner and well-known expert in the game.

The founding members, who joined the Association in that first week were:

Notable freemen who joined in that week are:

  • Joline.
  • Werner of Werner's Skat Militia.
  • Haragh, servant to Marquis Crip Grindle.

The tournament winner, winning 25 gold, was:

And the runners-up were:

Rules of Skat

The rules of Skat are at best complicated, and at worst incomprehensible. There is some information on the rules of Skat available for all to read, in the hope that reading leads to understanding.

Mission Statement

"To promote the playing of Skat, and to provide the means for members to do so."

This will be done through advertising the game in foreign regions, helping with the understanding of rules, running regular tournaments, helping members contact each other to arrange meetings, and providing first-class buildings and facilities for playing.

Tournament Winners

October 2008 Members' Tournament

Winner: Sir Stanley Middleton

Runner up: Duke Willem Tinsley
Runner up: Sir Aeric Bluelake
Commoners' Winner: Unther from Elroth