Jens' Tradin' Company

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Viking-logo.gif Jens' Tradin' an' Makarian
Axemen Company an' School a Duelin'

torsk-stykke stridsøkse mænd

Who we is

Folks jest like you! Dat's right - ya ain't got ta be one a dem hoity-toity fellers wit' da powdery wigs ta join (as a matter a fact, we hates dem!) Anyone dat likes a good hatchet duel, huntin' badgers in da nude, er jest makin' lots a money buyin' up all yer liege's grain on da black market an' sellin' it back to him at a 200% markup is da perfect kind a person fer dis guild, don'tcha know?

What we does

How ya can get involved

Well, fer now ya gots ta travel up nort' der, hey, ta beautiful Tellwood, home a some a da finest yeti huntin' on Atamara. But, if ya tells yer liege ta get off his lazy butt an' make da trip fer ya, he can join an' den go home an' make a guildhouse dere an' save ya da trip. Not dat ya'd want to, but in case.