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Jeff Madsen Sanda, Hyogo, Japan

Jeff's Wishes and Ideas

The ideas on this page are more concerned with roleplay and inconsistencies caused by game mechanics, with some thoughts on how to change them.

NOTE: Feel free to comment here or on the discussion page, but I like a clean page with my own thoughts, so you will probably be read and then removed. This has nothing to do with the quality or content of your post.

It's shameful to ask for money from the realm!

I really hate this public begging, especially in realms where they outlaw looting. People are jealous of their money, armies are jealous of their money, rich people are jealous of their money. This idea of "Hey, anybody spare 50 gold?" - "Sure, here you go!" is ridiculous powergaming. The game already says it's shameful to ask your family for more money by lowering your prestige, and yet it's okay to shout to the whole realm you're out of cash?

  • This shames you, as you are a noble, and nobles need to keep up appearances.
  • This shames your liege, as it either says he's a cheapskate, or else so minor that he can hardly support his knights
  • This reinforces the "Realm-first" attitude, making people think that other lieges and Dukes will be happy to take care of them just as much as their own liege.


  • Easiest - take a prestige hit to receive money from anyone other than your liege.

The number of times I've seen money transferred for other purposes than "not enough money to do X" are few and far between. However, you may wish to pay an infil, or pass out money for raising private support or preparing a rebellion. Perhaps an option where you could be willing to take the prestige hit yourself if you are giving out funds?

Messaging about nobles' actions is unrealistic

Read any Victorian Age novel of England to see how, even in the 1800's, a commoner only had to move about 30 miles away to be completely unknown and unrecognized. Rural people worked 6 days a week, 12-14 hours, and then did light work after church on Sundays. Yet certain people would have you think that farmers walking to their fields in the morning would see a duel and spread the rumor all the way back to the Realm's Judge, in a believable enough version that he would follow up on it. Same for looting - why report that, and not troop movements, hero's stories, and any other unusual activity?

Solution(s): Same reports, but only to the region where it occurs. Include advys and other-realm characters. Let characters spread the rumor or not, depending on their own interests.

Ability to arrest nobles

Works like "Arrest Priest"

Conditions being: noble is traveling alone, a non-bannable type arrest, only in your own realm (although it would be fun to do it anywhere ;-) ) Possible additions: arrested noble is prisoner of arresting noble, so messaging allowed, and ransom goes to that noble

Seems strange that a knight could just wander around your realm if he wants to, and there's nothing you can really do about it short of getting him banned or declaring war on his realm. Obviously, this is pretty serious - you don't want to do it without a good reason, as it will most likely escalate. But allows Dukes and region lords to keep people out of their territory without having to go through the two rulers. Most of the reasons I'd like this are more RP-based than strategy, so unlikely the King would bother with it - although he might bother with YOU, after you do it.