Guild of the Flightful Song

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Founded in Bescanon, Perdan by Evangeline Uceek and Hiddukel Kiri-Jolith.

In times of war, Evangeline and Hiddukel of Perdan realized the time had long passed for a group to sing and rhyme of Joy. After much discussion, The Guild of the Flightful Song was created.

In times of war, strife and stress There are a few, the gods may bless

Those free of spirit, gifted in tongue. Who compose the songs eternally young.

The songs of battle, death, and love. The strike of a hawk, the flight of a dove.

The songs that inspire, a hero make the endless dreams, never to wake

To take ones mind to place faraway To keep the horrors of life at bay.

We sing for joy, Rhyme for a smile To keep our minds distracted a while

So, be ye a writer of lyric or rhyme. Welcome home, truely, now is YOUR time.

More details to come. =)