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The Foresters guild was reinvented on 28 March 2008.
In order to aid adventurers in the fight against the monsters and undead that plague humanity, and to share information and resources, Gen Salamat created the Foresters guild. We stand open for all who wants to fight for our ideals of protecting the peasantry and civilisation in general from the horrors of the wild places, and who are not hampered by the artificial boundaries between realms, or the transitory divisions of war. There are at present four lodges, the main one in Nida and the other three in Eaglin, Woodglen, and Ravening.


Adventurers and region lords can add information here about bounties in regions. When adventurers hunt in those regions they can trade the remains from the undead or monsters in for an additional bounty from the region lord.
The following regions have bounties on undead and/or monsters:


Hints for advys

  • Try hunting on low risk; much less change to get wounded.
  • Cooperate with other adventurers they don't send those locations for nothing. Maybe you can also make investigations reports public?
  • Why not even call in help from other foresters in regions with overcrowded populations of undead/monsters and make it a real hunting party (don't forget to send those locations!)?
  • If you don't find the items needed for your unique item repair you can ask other adventurers in the forester guild if they have some spare. Most older advys have huge stocks of common items.

Hints for region lords

Tired of your region being spoiled by monsters every time when production just restored to 100%?

  • Try a bounty for undead and monsters a lot adventurers chose to hunt only in regions where they get an extra bounty.
  • Still no success? Make it public how can advys know that they can gain a extra bounty for hunting those evil creatures?
  • And what will certainly do the trick: send a message in the forester guild.

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