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Founded in the woodlands of Perdan, this relatively new guild is just an attempt to make dueling the new sport of the East Island.

While relatively few nobles partake in dueling on long missions, this guild may change that, as participants are rewarded by in-guild renown (and the ability to take out gold against the guild when they become the guild champion).


In order to keep this page less crowded, the list of locations and function of each EIDA guildhouse can be found here.

Members and Their Duels

As the number of EIDA members grows, this page will become crowded. Anticipating such, we have a list of all EIDA members and notable things about them and the guild. Also found on the member list page are links to the duel records of each member.

Also, at the EIDA, we find tournaments to be grand ways of proving our abilities, as it is essentially a massive dueling contest. As such, some nobles have merited ranks in the EIDA for their achievements at tournaments. We also have also started keeping tournament swordfight records.


While realm rules do apply, there are also rules within the guild.


  • Swords and daggers of appropriate length are to be used in all guild-sanctioned duels.
    • Old and dull swords are to be replaced at the earliest convenience.
  • Gloves of appropriate make and construction are to be used in all guild-sanctioned duels.
  • Neck and shoulder guards are to be used in all guild sanctioned duels. Old guards can be replaced at any guildhouse.
  • A chest-plate is to be used in any guild-sanctioned duel, and should not be so old as to be rusted.

The above items will be supplied upon joining the guild, as that is what the fee is for.


If dueling is not permitted in your realm, then do not join this guild. The guild can not be held responsible for any punishment your realm may give for dueling.

However, if your chosen realm has nothing against dueling, then feel free to join at any guildhouse. All you have to do is pay the initial 15 gold for the equipment and registration, and then be sure to pay your monthly 5 gold for the cost of equipment repair and upkeep.

However, membership can and may be revoked at any time. The reasons for this are as follows...

  • Failure to pay monthly dues.
  • Revealing guild memberships and rankings to non-guild nobles.
  • Dueling til death.


As this is a dueling association, there are few limits to duels. However, the guidelines listed below should be followed.

  • All in-guild duels require that both parties have proper equipment.
  • Only duels until first blood are recognized by the guild.
  • Duels against non-guild members will not count for a member's duel count, but such duels are allowed.
  • Duels to the death are not permitted at all, unless a severe dishonor has been done against the person who requested the duel. Duels to the death are not permitted by the guild and may result in punishment.

Crimes Against the Guild

There are some things that are frowned upon by the guild, nd the guild may call for its members to rise up against a person or group. The following are such things as may provoke the guild against a party.

  • Punishing nobles for being members of the EIDA
  • Robbing or destroying a guildhouse of the EIDA
  • Punishing nobles for EIDA-sanctioned duels when the realm allows duels otherwise

Reporting Your Duel to the Overseers

It is very important that you remember these two things: (1)how to make your report and (2)when to report. First off, you should always send your duel report to all elders of the guild in a report format; this will make it easier for the overseers to see the report and complete the necessary paperwork.

Who should report? The winner is responsible for the duel report. The reason for this is because even though it is possible for the winner to be wounded, it is very unlikely. For this reason, and this reason only, it is the winner's responsibility to make the report.

What should the report look like? Here is an example report:

Report from Freliana
Message sent to all elder members of "East Island Dueling Association" (3 recipients)
Duel (34 minutes ago)
Freliana (Dame of Perdan) meets her challenger Methenas (Knight of Perdan) for the agreed duel till first blood. Methenas has decided to use the 'aggressive' strategy while Freliana has choosen the 'trick moves' strategy, giving Methenas the advantage. After a series of blows, Freliana draws blood and wins the duel.

Home realm is Perdan

Freliana (Dame of Perdan)

If you do not follow these guidelines in making your report, your duel will not be recorded by the overseers of the guild. This will affect not only your records, but that of the person you dueled with as well.