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This page is a WIP, in use for proposed treaties based on the end of conflict between two Atamara realms. It is not final and should not be considered as such.

(Proposed) Treaty with Falasan

Point A: Diplomatic Pact
Point B: Claims to BF Duchy
Point C: Travel
Point D: Military Limitations
Point E: Religion
Point F: Ambassadors

The realms known as the Cagilan Empire and Falasan agree to the following terms of Falasan's surrender in both words and intent. Any breach, no matter how minor, will result in forfeiture of the entire negotiated agreement and a re-enactment of the war.

Point A: The Cagilan Empire agrees to a defensive pact with Falasan for the duration of six months.
A.1: In this time, Falasan is to refrain from offensive wars or goading or causing defensive wars.
A.2: Falasan further agrees that any internal move to create a war, either a restart or a war on Falasan or the Cagilan Empire, is considered a traitor of Falasan (=as due the incitement of war on home realm or against protectors) and is to be dealt with accordingly.
A.3: Should, at the end of the six month duration, both parties wish to extend the six month period of the defensive pact, such a decision will be based on the adherence of this treaty's points and the relationship between the two realms in question.

Point B: Falasan revokes all rights and claims to Duchy of Barad Falas.
B.1: This includes and is limited to Barad Falas, Beleriel, Corniel, Belegmon, Nazgorn, Galadia and Nazia.
B.2: Should one of the named regions change its allegiance due to the whim of the peasantry, Falasan is to peacefully return said region to the realm it defected from either by optional transfer or by directed means in the form of a Take Over or religious persuasion.
B.3: The method chosen for use in B.2 remains up to the discretion of the realm the region in question turned from.

Point C: Falasan Nobles are permitted travel beyond their borders.
C.1: Any Falasan Infiltrators/Assassins caught abroad, in any friendly realm, is considered a breach of the treaty and the document or this particular clause will be revoked.
C.2: Travel through or to any realm must be approved by the Senate or Council of the realm in question.
C.3: No Falasan troops are to cross their border, regardless of their size or strength for the duration of the defensive pact noted in Point A.

Point D: Falasan's military force is limited to no more than 10K CS.
D.1: Limitation includes militia in regions or cities.
D.2: No greater than half this limitation may be gathered in any one border region.
D.3: D.2 not in effect should Falasan be fighting a defensive war.
D.4: Falasan does not permit enemy (of CE) travel through their land. This includes troops, infiltrators/assassins, traders, etc.

Point E: Falasan agrees the fazing out of Magna Serpaensism from within its borders.
E.1: Last MS Temple to be closed within one month of treaty signing. No "monument" Temple to remain.
E.2: No Falasan noble in MS religion is to sit on the Kingdom's councils or to be appointed to councils.
E.3: No Priest of MS to be permitted travel through Falasan lands.
E.4: Other religions may set up Temples or preach in regions only upon receiving permission from local lord or Monarch.

Point F: Cagilan Empire retains the right to send up to three Ambassadors to Falasan.
F.1: Movement restrictions not in place for CE Ambassadors.
F.2: Troop limit of twenty men as bodyguard.
F.3: Falasan Ambassadors/Diplomats granted entrance to Empire borders on a case by case basis as decided by Imperial Senate.
F.4: Falasan agrees to travel restrictions put in place on any Ambassador agreed in F.3.

Signed for Falasan:
Signed for Cagilan Empire: