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"No traveler shall be harmed while the Waywatchers guard the road"

Note: This is historical research, nothing of the notion in this section can be considered true at 100%. The reaserch is conducted by the Dwilight University, Bowie Ironsides Dean of History and Muris Vecchioratto Dean of Art.

Brief History

In the past, the Lord of Via was a vassal of Echiur. During that period, Golden Farrow was at war with Echiur. During this war, the fortified pass of Via was created. It was a crucial site for all of the regions surrounding it since it was the only safe passage through the Barrow Chain of mountains, now simply referred to as the Via Mountains, and the deep Lavendrow forest, or what we now call the Phantarian Forest. As a military post it became a position for speed of travel through the mountains and for the defense of the paths to Echiur.

The in the seventh year of war the forces of Golden Farrow laid siege to Castle Via and after two years succeeded in capturing it. Though the castle’s defenders capitulated, the Vizir of Golden Farrow was impressed with their leader, Shiro Kentamai, and accepted his plea to let the castle remain standing. Under the new regime, the Castle became a travel point for merchants and the military.

As time passed on Via became even more important when a major market was built to connect the caravan routes of the great cities of the Far West. Travelers from all points came and brought wealth and prosperity to Via. As the city’s prominence grew, so to did its attraction to thieves. Brigands and plunderers camped along the roads from the cities and ambushed incoming travelers. Worse still, the countryside increased with the Monster Scourge creating an even more dangerous environment. To maintain the safety of his roads and to continue the growth of his economy, the Regent of Via, Lord Serenghe Kelari, decided to found a militant corp to protect the routes. At first, only mercenaries joined but after its first year the corp formalized as an army known as the Waywatchers. The Waywatchers became an integral part of the network between Echiur and Golden Farrow, and between Shokalom, Koshtlom and Itau. These cities joined in league to sponsor the Waywatchers and eventually founded regiments for their own cities.

Becoming a founded army with a comfortable income and having such an expansion of forces made the Waywatchers so successful that they began to run out of enemies to fight. No longer elite, and no longer an urgent necessity, the cities decreased their funding. This led to the more talented fighters to depart the corp, and those who remained struggle with lesser knights and with more territory to protect. Slowly, the balance beam shifted once again and as the quality of the Waywatchers dropped the level of crime rose. The Waywatchers were no longer the seasoned veterans they once were and occasionally entire regiments were made up of new recruits. The battles became more intense for them and the pressure rose until they started experiencing severe defeats at the hands of growing organized bands of thieves and rogues. Additionally, the monsters became unmanageable. Because of these loses, the cities questioned the strength of the Waywatchers and their use altogether. Eventually, the funding was reduced so much that they were surviving off of bounties and small stipends offered by lesser region Lords or private merchants.

The final major battle recorded of the Waywatchers took place in Vakreno Heaps. In this plain, over four hundred Waywatchers from the Echiur and Via regiments were defeated by a massive swarm of monsters. The last Marshal of the army, Ghurian Kelari, who was also the last remaining descendant of the Waywatchers founder, was slaughtered with his regiment during this battle.

Afterwards, the Waywatchers all but disbanded and left the defense of the roads to the militias of each city, or the armies of the dividing realms.

Via Regiments

Via was the main headquarters of the Waywatchers. In the fortress proof of three regiments from the peak of Waywatchers History was found. They were:

First Regiment

They were the first and most active regiment. Divided into 8 patrols, they controlled all the major trade routes.

Gate Guards regiment

The Gate Regiment was in charge of protecting the Fortress of Via. Proof of this regiment comes from a weapon found in Lowervia

The Pathfinder Regiment

This was a small force specializing in scouting and pathfinding. The duty of this Army was in forming new routes and hunting any rogues who were a threat to the main route.

Golden Farrow Regiment, The Vizir Regiment

An honour regiment with the duty of escorting the Vizir in his travels through the west route.

Echiur Regiment, The Ocean Regiment

A small regiment serving as escorts for goods coming from the sea. Waywatchers were even used as Marines in battles against pirates.

Itau Regiment, The North Hunters

The Itau North Hunters were in charge of protecting the north inlands from rogue invasions. They were one of the biggest regiments, but were slaughtered in Dunbrook against a horde of undead.

Shokalom Regiment, The South Guards

The City of Shokalom never really supported the Waywatchers, sand o the South Guards appear to have only existed on paper.

Koshtlom Regiment, The Purple Regiment

The city of Koshtlom was part of the Forts chain around the Mountains of the Dragon. It was the last station of the commercial road that spread off from the fortress of Via. In the city was established a small department of Waywatchers, The Purple Regiment. This cursed regiment searched for years to find a safe route towards the fortress of Via through the woods Gonophor. The path was never found because the rogues and savage wolves were always too dangerous for unprotected caravans and traders. inevitably, the routes through the north and the sea turned out to be the best.