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Sovereign Republic of Halcyon

Largest City


Located on::Colonies

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Big Sovereign Vrelar Rousseau

Whip Master
Exotic Financier

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Isidro de Zueww {{#set: has judge::Isidro}}
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Founded by Kharyn Kye JeVondair, Duchess of Alebad, first Sovereign of Halcyon 8/10/2017

Ruling Council

Sovereign (Ruler): Kharyn Kye JeVondair

Admiral (General): Antonio Maxwell

Arbiter (Judge): Antonio Maxwell

Minister of Treasury (Banker): Jon Flame


The Sovereignty of Halcyon was founded when, at the behest and command of the Colonial Senate, Oritolon was tasked with seceding the Duchy of Alebad in adherence to Colonial rules that no one land shall have more than one city. Kharyn, then Fiduciary and Marshal in Oritolon, volunteered and was selected by Pippa Anderbliss, Queen of Oritolon, to reign as Duchess of Alebad and see to the formation of the new realm.

Knights from many prominent families soon arrived to sign their names to the foundations of the new polity, selecting to become a Republic on the name and imagery of Halcyon after many days of discussion and healthy debate.


The Capital city of Alebad share's its borders with the great Alebadian River and the sea. It's people, the Halcyons, are a maritime folk whose chief business revolves around the waters, fresh and salt. Distilleries rake in product from the surrounding rural farmlands to produce all manner of alcohols that serve as Halcyon's chief export and tourist attraction. It's said that the average Halcyon can catch any fish and then prepare it several different ways before the sun hits noon.

Halcyon, a small realm sandwiched between larger, older powers, plays a cautious game focused on economics and diplomacy to maintain their sovereignty.


The Halcyons chose the Republican system of government chiefly to differentiate themselves from the many monarchies on the Colonies. All ruling council positions are subject to regular votes. Perhaps unique to this young culture is that rather than establishing traditional titles, Sovereign Kharyn encouraged all newly elected council officials to choose their own titles. The idea being that if they did a good or respectable job, their successors might choose to continue their legacy by maintaining and passing on the title their predecessors chose.