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Who desires peace shall give way to those who desire war.








The realm of Aren was founded by founded by::Malice Osha on founding date::12 August 2013 following a secession from Oritolon. Named after the vibrant area of Irdalni in which House Osha is based, the new realm was forged in order to preserve the duchy of Alowca from starvation as a result of Lukon's crusade for empire.

In its early days there were rumours that Aren was of an antagonistic and warlike bent but it proved instead to prefer a docile stagnant existence, isolated in its corner of the Colonies. That is, until the arrival of Aquila Schwarzherzig. Aren had been without a Warlord for several weeks, and in a matter of days, Aquila took upon herself the responsibilty.

Aquila lead the armies of Aren with unabated ferocity, turning a losing war around and leading the first allied forays into Outer Tilog, raiding and killing. This continued for several months, until Khan Alec Moore began to petition for peace, agreeing to pay Portion a staggering sum of gold and apologize for attacking Portion, all after a crushing victory against the combined forces of Portion and Outer Tilog. When it came to light that Halcyon, Aren's allies, had been absent from the battle at the encouragement of the Khan, things came to a head.

Enraged at this betrayal of warrior culture, Aquila and her trusted lieutenants rebelled against the Khan and seized the government. On 10-21-18 the palace fell to the Warlord Aquila's forces and the Khanate was disbanded. In its place, the Dominion of Aren was born.

Realm Council

1st Khan- Malice Osha

2nd Khan- Decimus Jeckyl

3rd Khan- Eadwulf Osha

4th Khan- Jabari Jaron

Last Khan- Alec Moore

1st Harbinger- Aquila "Twice-Slain" Schwarzherzig

2nd Harbinger- Myles Vilanova

1st Lawgiver- Johan Jaron

2nd Lawgiver- Brisa Barrons

Last Lawgiver- Cassandra Foxglove

1st Lord Flayer- Myles Vilanova

1st Warlord- Eadwulf Osha

2nd, 4th Warlord- Jabari Jaron

3rd Warlord- Rohais Le Drake

Last Warlord- Aquila "Twice-Slain" Schwarzherzig

1st Reaver- Aquila "Twice-Slain" Schwarzherzig

2nd Reaver- Mordiggian Schwarzherzig

1st Overseer- Will Bell

2nd Overseer- Innocent Noble

3rd Overseer- Pale Whiteblood

4th Overseer- Idaho Gildre

Last Overseer- Alec Moore

1st Skull Collector (and Fashionista)- Idaho Gildre

1st Duke of Alowca- Malice Osha

2nd Duke of Alowca- Johan Jaron

3rd Duke of Alowca- Eadwulf Osha

4th Duke of Alowca- Brisa Barrons

5th Duke of Alowca- Alec Moore

1st Duchess of Bzlah-ech'ya- Aquila Schwarzherzig

1st Duke of Bzlah-ech'ya- Myles Vilanova


The Urban Renewal Committee, sponsored by Usul Dentarius

Marshal : Mordiggian Schwarzherzig

Vice- Marshal : Martin Barrett

Military record

Laws and Criminals



The Babar are natives of Irdalni who are feared across Aren. They produce a potent concoction known only as the "Elixir". At some point, during the Pyre of Plenty incident, all magic on the colonies was simultaneously unleashed, causing massive chaos, and a large flood was unleashed in Aren. Harbinger Myles Vilanova, then a Knight of Alowca was exploring a canal, which suffered massive damage due to a flash flood. This flood resulted in large stores of Babar Elixir to released into Aren's freshwater supplies, and the resulting contimination also affected the ground water. As a result, the inhabitants became more and more unhinged and bloodthirsty.

The rise of the Dominion saw many new nobles rise to prominence and many more immigrated seeking to share in the glory and purity of purpose of the Dominion. To ensure all know the important history of the Glorious Dominion, and to ensure none forget the important lessons of the fall of the Khanate, an epic was written, a living work reflecting the glory of the Dominion and those who serve it. All warriors of the Dominion can recite whole verses from heart, and the highest honor one can recieve is a passage mention one's deeds. The Recollections

The warriors of Aren are all well versed in singing. Some of the songs that are sung are available here