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Disambig gray.svg This article outlines the region Alowca. For the realm of Alowca, see Alowca (Realm).
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The heart of the Duchy of Alowca; this great city was once the capital of the theocratic state of Alowca and home to the Trinitarian faith. It has had a turbulent history of religious and political conflicts and was all but razed to the ground by Anomalous Psych shortly before the end of The Long War. It was the hub of The Hvrek Treachery and more recently a base of operations for the rogue forces involved in supporting Khain Dragonborn's False Reconstitution of Oritolon.

The rebuilding of the city has been a long and arduous process with many new buildings rising from the ruins of the old. With this rebirth many who had once fled the city have returned and the desperate shanty towns that clung to the city walls have given way to smaller, more opulent tribal villages which are constantly embroiled in fierce, though generally good natured, competition with each other. The often outrageous tales of their exploits have become a staple entertainment for many younger Alowcans.

Always a deeply religious city Alowca's temples and churches were the first buildings to be rebuilt. Though conflict between the remnants of the old theocratic beliefs and adherents of other faiths were numerous in the past the introduction of The Path of Chivalry by Oritolon has encouraged a new age of tolerance and has promoted debate as an alternative to bloodshed. Nevertheless the gongs, bells, prayers and drums of the competing faiths calling their followers to prayer at sunrise and sunset is an inescapable feature of life in Alowca city which is lauded by some and lamented by others.

The sea provides both a blessing and a curse to Alowca city. Though it brings riches in trade, travellers and produce the city has suffered many terrible storms and floods which often overwhelmed it's remarkable seaward walls even before they fell into disrepair.

Construction projects were undertaken within the city to restructure it, optimizing roadways and constructing an efficient subterranean sewage system. Despite persistent rumours of a citadel and catacombs carved deep into the rock of the city escarpment, little evidence of this ancient wonder of the theocratic age remains.

The Estates of Alowca

Alluran's Belfry

Situated on the south-eastern side of the city, this crowded residential area has become known for the ruins of a once impressive temple of the Trinitarian faith. Much of the ruined temple to Alluran has long since disappeared at the hands thieves reclaiming her stonework for other uses. The impressive spire remains standing however and for all the over-crowding in this district of Alowca, a wide open space surrounds this last vestige of Alowca's Trinitarian past. Rumours abound that Alluran's Belfry is haunted by malevolent spirits and from time-to-time there are reports of Alluran's bells ringing. It's a tale that never fails to chill the bones of those who know Alluran's bells were long ago melted down by Alowca's rapacious scavengers.

Ketchum Square

An affluent area in the heart of the city renowned for the vast public square that is often considered the hub of Alowcan life. This is the place where the citizens can gather to hear the latest news from around the city and continent. Meanwhile, tradesmen consider it auspicious to finalise their deals out in the open of the square as opposed to the narrow, shadowy streets where the trade quarter resides. The square has had many names which often hail important figures in Alowcan past. The most recent renaming ceremony honoured the work of the Oritolon Royal, Ash Ketchum, whom helped revive Alowca after the turmoil of the False Reconsitution within Oritolon.

Denariel's Barbican

Denariel's Barbican serves as the main gateway into Alowca by land. It represents amongst the strongest and most secure point along Alowca's walls. It was long ago blessed in the name of the war-like deity Denariel. Despite intermittent efforts by Alowcan authorities to rename the Barbican, the superstitious people of Alowca always refer to it as Denariel's in the belief that she still watches over the city.

Temple District

Perhaps one of the most famed areas within the city of Alowca, the temple district is home to an eclectic mix of architectural styles and places of worship. Many religions of both greater and lesser prominence have had their temples and shrines raised here on the coastal side of the city. The temple district tends to serve as a useful guide to the fortunes of Alowca, with famine and war never failing to provoke throngs of citizens begging for alms among the priests and holy men.

The Old Palace

Once a soaring masterpiece from which the rulers of Alowca dominated all nearby lands, this opulent palace from the theocratic era has seen better days. It has been battered and damaged in countless conquests and regularly fallen into disuse and disrepair in the long periods in which Alowca has been ruled from abroad. The dilapidated state of the Old Palace has not deterred a series of secessionist Alowcan Dukes from claiming it for their own however, with no other building inside the city walls being as well fortified (nor fitted with as many secretive escape routes) as this one.

Untan Lookout

A watch post that has existed for time immemorial just a few kilometres outside of the city walls. A small and thriving settlement has built up here which, although not offering the protection of Alowca's walls, at least protects any travelling merchants from the tariff's required to do business inside the city.