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The Dwarvenite Family originates from the castle town of Skalk in Atamara. This is where the large family of story tellers found fame and fortune and thus made enough gold to be able to fund their eldest children through military training and to become knights.

The Dwarvenite family so far has had 7 children spread their wings and become either knights or run-away rouges that have now since become adventurers for far away lands. Below is the shortened story of each of those children and their major achievements since being away from their loving parents.

The Eldest: Nikki Dwarvenite was the first of her family to take to a career as a knight, she took to cavalry instantly, being a horse lover, she was perfect to lead men by showing them she was not afraid of what faced her.


         Gloin Dwarvenite               -                   Flint Dwarvenite 
                |                                                    |
                |                                                    |
          Fror  - Alexandria                              Nikki  - Leopald - Gimli 

Dwarvenite Family Achievements

The Dwarvenite Family
Gimli - Hero Death - 1 point
Fror - Ruler of Joppo More than 10 days - 5 points
Fror - Count of Sotrebar - 1 point
Fror - Duke of Latlan - 2 points
Fror - Army Sponsor Celtic Army - 1 point
Nikki - Prestige 10+ - 1 point
Nikki - Prestige 20+ - 1 point
Leopald - General Obsidian Islands - 1 point
Leopald - Prestige 20+ - 1 point
Alexandria - Prestige 10+ - 1 point
Family Prestige 20+ - 1 point
Family Prestige 50+ - 1 point

Total Fame 17

Nikki Dwarvenite


ikki Dwarvenite
was born into a loving family on the continent of Atamara, she was a clever child and very agile, her parents knew that she was to become something great in the future and immediately enlisted her into becoming a knight or the realm they were living in (Carelia).

This was not enough for Nikki, she needed more adventure and more independence from her family, so as soon as she heard that her cousin Fror would be moving to a new continent, not explored by her family before, she jumped at the chance.

Now she is training hard to become a useful tool for her new realm (Heen).

Her future plans include staying in Heen and maybe starting a family in a few years once she has made a name for herself and found a suitable husband.

Realms Nikki has been involved with


Nikki's Roleplays


Previous Titles Held:
* Banker of Joppo
Current Titles Held:
* None
Current Stats:
*Physical Age: 35 years
*Character Class: Knight
*Honour: 15
*Prestige: 5

Fror Dwarvenite


ror Dwarvenite
is a giant of a man, he is cousin to Nikki and Leopald, brought up in the realm of Perdan, he was disliked by his parents and was shunned by most because of his size. So naturally

he looked to move away unnoticed as soon as possible.

A few of his childhood friends had recently left for a realm called Joppo and he decided this is where he would make a name for himself and prove to all that doubted him that he was a man to look up to.

When he arrived in Joppo he quickly learned new skills and the methods of both generals and rulers as he was promoted to both of these positions as the war with Mesh continued.

Eventually Joppo fell and forced Fror to lead his men north to the realm of Heen, though he was an unknown force he is now Count of Sotrebar and leading men into battles upon his trusty steed, many men have fallen to the giants strength and even more men have falling trying to best him in drinking contests.

Fror commanded the army of the duchy of Latlan, the Latlan Legion.

He was appointed as Duke of Latlan and has been elected as the Great Malik of Heen.

Realms Fror has been involved with


Fror's Roleplays


Previous Titles Held:
* Ruler of Joppo
* General of Joppo
* Count of Sotrebar
* Marshal of the Latlan Legion
* Duke of Latlan
Current Titles Held:
* Great Malik of Heen (Ruler)
Current Stats:
*Physical Age: 34 years
*Character Class: Knight
*Honour: 245
*Prestige: 32

Leopald Dwarvenite


eopald Dwarvenite
is the youngest of the Dwarvenite family and younger brother to Nikki, He looks up to his sister and longs to be as successful as her, so is currently training hard to become a master jouster and win competitions throughout the land and win fame and glory for himself.

Leopald has not seen a lot of battle in Perdan as he is too young to have been apart for their war with Sirion and Fontan.

Realms Leopald has been involved with

Obsidian Islands

Leopald’s Roleplays


Previous Titles Held:
* General of the Obsidian Islands
Current Titles Held:
* Marshal of the Kalmar army
* Duke of Chaos Temple
Current Stats:
*Physical Age: 28 years
*Character Class: Knight
*Honour: 102
*Prestige: 26

Alexandria Dwarvenite


lexandria Dwarvenite
is the bastard child of Fror's father, Though she was cast away from her family she strives to win recognition on the world and one day live up to her half-noble blood and become a knight.

This will allow her to travel back to her home land and show that she was worth a damn and that she has risen above her station and become what most people did not expect her to be.

Realms Alexandria has been involved with


Alexandria’s Roleplays


Previous Titles Held:
* None
Current Titles Held:
* None
Current Stats:
*Physical Age: 30 years
*Character Class: Knight
*Honour: 39
*Prestige: 17

Family Fame

Current total of 17.
(famebox under construction)