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Latlan is one of the smaller cities on the continent, but what it lacks in populace it gains in character. The Rolling Sand dunes can be seen for miles around the city, with only two ways to gain access to its inner ring, the city itself is a stone Goliath unconquerable by the weak.

Latlan stands as monument to passed civilizations and many cultures that have tried to claim it as their own. The truth being that Latlan can never truly be ruled as its barren lands are harsh to all, unrelenting and unmerciful.

Based on the outskirts of the Desert lands, it is sandwiched in between the terrible sand storms of the desert and the torrential waves of the ocean.

Local Information and sites

The most popular drink in the city of Latlan is called the sea maidens ale, this was created by a local barkeeper who had retired from his life at sea to follow his dream of becoming a well known storyteller and landlord.

Religion plays a large part of life for the locals in Latlan, Qyvarrg, The Great Dragon and Valentic followers are not uncommon sights throughout the city. Many fights and rebellions have broken out due to the influence of one or more of these religions.

Latlans History: A tale of war & heroics.

Latlan has a vast history, It has seen many wars, and just as many invaders looking to plunder its limited bounty. Most recently a plague of undead spread through the surrounding area, plundering and ravaging the locals, this forced many of the population to leave or suffer the consequences of which many found to be far too dire.|}}


Historically, the city of Latlan has been the cultural and administrative centre of the various incarnations of Vice. Likewise, Latlan has also served as the heart of the Hedonistic faith in the Western Badlands - at one point even harbouring it's largest temple - however the actions of Duke Attila in uniting his Duchy with Heen have seen both the second incarnation of Vice fall and the Hedonists driven out of Latlan; the temple burned to the ground in the rampant disorder that followed Duke Attila's decision to abandon Vice.

In the long ago past, Latlan is said to have been a large and magnificent trading city in the realm of Marca de Pantera. But with the recent monster invasions and the frequent civil wars in the desert, Latlan is but a shadow of her former self. That being said, Latlan remains a pillar of strength within the Kingdom of Heen, and a renaissance of this city's fortunes has occurred since the reunification of the desert.

Laws and Customs

  • Regulation of Religion Act
    • In order to curb the religious conflict that has overcome Latlan in recent months, the Regulation of Religion Act was drawn up to better mediate the activities of Priests within the city, and maintain a careful and peaceful balance between the five faiths that now have purchase within Latlan.
  • Festivals
    • The City of Latlan has held monthly festivals for generations now, ever since the forces of humanity liberated Latlan from the hordes that had plagued it. The tradition has slightly changed under the stewardship of Duke Attila however. Whereas before, the monthly festival took place at the end of the month it is now held at the Duke's leisure.


The Latlan Herald is the only journal printed in Latlan and was founded shortly after Duke Attila pledged his allegiance to Heen, in order that the voice of Latlan still be heard and just to get out duchy news generally. Prior to the Herald's founding, the news of the duchy was predominately handled by the Vicean Times. However after Attila's change of allegiance the Vicean Times was closed down for fear of provoking rampant Vicean nationalism in the former regions of Vice.

The printing presses in Latlan did not sit idle for long though, with a consortium of wealthy Latlan merchants quickly buying the property from Duke Attila himself to begin running a new journal detailing the travails of Latlan. The newspaper is edited by the Adventurer, Dimon; who despite being of low birth and out of place in Western Beluaterra, claims a special attachment with the area.


Historically, Latlan has been the stronghold of the Hedonist faith and the home to some of it's biggest and greatest temples. Since Duke Attila's defection to Heen however, Hedonism has declined to the point that these days less than a fifth of the once staunchly Hedonist population now follows that faith. Due to the collapse of Vice and by extension, the power of Hedonism, somewhat of a religious vacuum has been felt in Latlan with a large majority of citizens reverting to their former pagan faiths.

In recent months the Draconic and Valentic faiths have increasingly filled the religious void in Latlan. Though this in turn has led to widening of sectarian violence in the region, especially as Hedonism recently underwent a critical and violent division between rival theological schools. It is as yet unknown whether Duke Attila's construction of a temple to the goddess Maneva (a place of worship for the followers of the Church of Estahsism) will help fuel the violence or indeed help finally quell it now that the Duke has given his visible backing to a particular faith.


The Merry Men

The first army to be founded in Latlan in the modern era, the Merry Men were Latlan Hedonists who undertook a dual role of both defending the Duchy of Latlan and spreading the ways and life of Hedonism. They were also variously referred to as Duke Attila's enforcers, such was their fanatical loyalty. However this loyalty quickly evaporated when Duke Attila declared his new allegiance to the Kingdom of Heen. The Merry Men cut ties with Duke Attila immediately and began a campaign of terror and violence throughout the Duchy. It was only after several weeks of pitched battles that the Merry Men were finally vanquished by Heenite forces. Their last battle took place in defence of the last region of Vice from Heen forces.

The Latlan Legion

This army was founded as Latlan's new Ducal army recently after the joint actions of the Duke's of Heen ensured reform of the military hierarchy in their own favour. The exact purpose and remit of the Latlan Legion is as yet unknown, though a quick glance at the armoury of the Latlan Legion would quickly reveal Duke Attila's obvious preference for Atamaran armour and weaponry.

Recruitment Centres

Latlan Halberds

The Halberds are solid infantrymen drawn from the roughest areas of Latlan. As the name implies, these men are trained to be extremely proficient in the use of spear weaponry. However it is a fool who thinks that the spearless footsoldier of Latlan is no longer a threat. The Halberds are some of the deadliest men with a gladius in the entire Western Badlands!

Oshan Lancers

The mounted riders of Latlan are some of the best equipped in the entirety of Heen, boasting solid, reliable armour and weaponry. The experience of the Lancers leaves much to be desired however, with their training hampered by the mix of both horses and camels employed at the stables of Latlan. Despite this minor inconvenience, the Lancers are more than a match for any set of footsoldiers.

Paradox Shortbows

The Archers of Latlan are so named for the late Slyther Paradox, the renowned Vicean Paladin Primus who fell in battle just days before Duke Attila's defection to Heen. The archers were renamed shortly after Attila gave his allegiance to Heen, honouring the old warrior who had brought dignity to Vice' dying days.

The archers themselves, emboldened by the honour of their name are highly cohesive men who can be decidedly dangerous in the right situations. However, the Paradox archers are known for having some of the worst armour in all the land. Though the archers themselves will tell you it is so that they may die in glory, just like their great patron.