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Banner-C.png Lasanar

Lasanar.png Demise

Lasanar crumbled in 2008 after significant internal unrest. Duke Milan seceded the Duchy of Ossaet to form Papania, Duke Esorp seceded the Duchy of Akanos to form Ohnar, Duke Iceberg seceded the Duchy of Sasrhas to form Ohnar West, and Duke Tokeru changed the allegiance of the Duchy of Colasan to Ethalia. Lasanar was reduced to Ozrat and the surround, which were taken by Ohnar West and Ethiala not long after.

Lasanar.png Current Government

Prime Minister: de Zorro Family - Vulpes |Vulpes' family page

Minister of Defense: Galiard Scarlett |Galiard's family page

Grand Justiciar: Ardeus Miranar |Ardeus' family page

Minister of Finances: Mallory Mac Branain

Lasanar.png Past Government

Lasanar's Past Governemnt

Lasanar.png The Republic of Lasanar

Once found in the city of Colasan, Lasanar grew out to be a peaceful nation that lives to feed the Far East. Our new capital now is Ozrat.

Lasanar.png Ancient History of Lasanar

Colasan was a city of the Arcaean Empire in those ancient times when the Far East was ruled by two empires. However, it was far away from the center of the empire and had always had its own culture. When Daran was made Duke of Colasan, he set about fostering the Colasan culture. Soon, the city became independent, and Lasanar was founded.

From its beginnings, Lasanar was a realm of peace, a realm of trade, a realm of peaceful expansion. With the creation of Lasanar from the Duchy of Colasan, the regions Isular and Hupar also joined the realm. Within a day of the duchy being converted over, the realm of Lasanar had 5 loyal troop leaders to its name.

After a long time, Daran grew weary of his position as ruler, and made room for a young fresh ruler to take his place. The new ruler was Sarig, who didn't do all that well. Lasanar was at war with Highland Empire at that time. He agreed on Sadi (former Executor) and his followers in our realm who were the root of all evil in Highland Empire. They were just overthrown by a rebellion that John had run.
He even agreed on appointing one of them Duke of one of the newly acquired cities (previously rogue), Sasrhas. That was when things went all bad. Within a month they seceded from Lasanar and we were farther from home than ever.
Sarig decided to go to a tournament but while at the tournament he was put in a bag and deported to the Colonies.
Milan von Krondor was voted in as our new ruler, but didn't last long. Sarig came back, and without a second to lose started a rebellion against Milan. There was no need to do that, but he did anyway.
Milan did what was best and stepped down from rulership so Sarig became ruler again but with the hate of all TL's in Lasanar. Protests were made by almost every TL and he was drummed out of office with the loss of much honor and prestige.
At this time, Daran re-appeared and was elected into office. Sarig was banned from our realm and we made peace with Highland Empire.
The peace lasted until Lasanar made a change to its constitution and its regime. The feudal republic gave the Dukes an opportunity to take up the burden of internal matters and handle realm politics. In the beginning, there were three duchies: the Duchy of Colasan, which was the capital with Anatole Malkavian Brandon, former Count of Isular, as its Duke, the desert Duchy of Ossaet with Draban Trogain as Duke, and the central city of Ozrat with Drut the Ugly of the Nabarl family as lord. Some time later The Duchy of Sasrhas was added, with Galahad Arthur appointed Duke.
Highland Empire began messing with us again by sending infiltrators and troops. We decided that we should stop them once and for all. After some attacks, the City of Akanos was released from the hard hand of Highland Empire. For fast rebuilding William Equar (previously banker) was appointed Duke.

Lasanar.png Battles of Lasanar

The Betrayal of Sasrhas

When former Highlanders were given the responsibility of a duchy only to have them secede the duchy and ally with the hated enemies the Highland Empire... more details to come later

The Defense of Colosan

Whilst fighting in the far north against the failing Highland Empire a southern alliance had formed of Svunnetland and another southern realm, to come to Highlands aid as Highland had been gaining sympathy from the southern rulers due to Lasanar vowing to remove them once and for all. The attack was conducted in secrecy, planned in secret, to have the region of Lenamaziel attacked. This alerted all the duchies whos armies were currently in the north as to the surprise attack and immediately rushed south to protect its largest city.... more to come later..

The Highland War

Detailed description of final highland war. Ancient history will be updated to include more details of the constant attacks from the north from Sadi's Highlanders....

The Treason of Colasan

During a period of political upheaval to the south of Lasanar, the region of Lemanaziel was caught up in distant events and joined the newly-created League of Anacan, despite having long been a prosperous and ccntent Lasanarian territory. Despite political efforts by Prime Minister Milan Von Krondor, Lasanar had no avenue to see the region returned, and was unwilling to tarnish its reputation by invading its southern neighbor. After some time, Duchess Menelmereth Urominiel was found to have been making plans to take the region, either through force or arms or simply outright purchasing it, without consultation or support of the Grand Council. After an investigation involving other council members and Menelmereth's own knights, she was asked to step down pending a trial. Instead, she seceded the City of Colasan from the Feudal Republic of Lasanar to form the Monarchy of Miraglonn. The City of Ossaet and region Isular were both under her influence and joined the new realm.

Despite repeated entreaties to avoid bloodshed, Lasanar and its close ally, Ethiala, launched a joint attack on Isular and Colasan. Menelmereth was captured in the assault on Colasan, and executed for the crime of High Treason. Shortly before Colasan fell to the allied armies, Rekoi (one of Menelmereth's followers), Duke of the City of Ossaet, seceded from Miraglonn. He named his one-manned realm Ardh Osai, claiming to be the 'savior of the Osai people.'

A New Prime Minister Takes Office

(2006-11-07) Aethius Kain, Lasanar's previous Prime Minister, enjoyed a great deal of support throughout his reign, bringing a refreshing openness to both the council and to the realm in the way diplomacy was handled. Many nobles appreciated the opportunity to speak up on current diplomatic issues and allow their voices to be heard.

Due to a large family gathering of the Kains on a distant continent, Aethius made the decision to step down from office to attend the gathering out of a sense of duty to his family, many of whom he had not seen in years. He also felt it was time to pass on the reigns of power as he was not certain of how long he would be absent from Lasanar.

Soon afterward, Kestrelle Hawkestone was elected Prime Minister by an overwhelming majority.

Traitors Brought to Justice

After Colasan was once again under the Lasanar banner, Minister of Defense Doyle Drake stepped down after a long and decorated service as the commander of Lasanar's armies. He was appointed Duke of Colasan, and Vulpes de Zorro was chosen unanimously by the council to replace him as Minister of Defense. Vulpes quickly coordinated with Ethialan High Marshal Thrasymaque Loran to again marshal the combined armies of Lasanar and Ethiala. After a brief and bloody battle on the walls os Ossaet Castle, Rekoi and five of his followers were all taken into custody by Lasanar. Rekoi and a noble who had betrayed Lasanar to join Ardh Osai were both sentenced to the headsman's block; the rest were set free, as the armies of Lasanar set about restoring Ossaet to its former glory.

The Second Treason of Colasan

Lasanar saw the arrival of many new nobles during the largely peaceful reign of Prime Minister Kestrelle (that continues to this day). As the Grand Council formalized its role and authority in the Constitution, there were those who attempted to advance by force of arms rather than by Lasanar's tradition of public debate. In a controversial move, then Grand Justiciar Galiard Scarlet arrested and banned four nobles while allowing a fifth to voluntarily emigrate. Among those four were Duke of Colasan and former Minister of Defense Doyle Drake and Count Caesare of Aanos. Duke Doyle seceded from the realm and attempted to strike a deal with the Antozan Commonwealth; his efforts were thwarted by the rapid response of Lasanar's military. Duke Doyle vanished, and is thought to have taken his own life. His successor, the former Ethialan Count and famed swordsman Valion Hendrix, struck a deal with Lasanar to spare his own life, peacefully returning Ossaet and Colasan. Valion was killed in a duel with Senoske of Nighthelm shortly thereafter.

The War against Antoza

The Antozan Commonwealth had long been an ally of the Republic. When Doyle seceded, they betrayed the alliance and supported him, though they quickly backpedaled and again promised their support to Lasanar after Doyle's disappearance. After months of reports that Antoza was simply waiting for another opportunity to add Colasan to their realm, the Grand Council voted 6-2 in favor of war against the Antozan Commonwealth.

That war was eventually won and a new colony, made primarily of Lasanarian nobles, was seceded in it's place.

Much has changed since. What was once Lasanar has now splintered into smaller realms, with Ohnar West spreading across the north (including Sasrhas) and Papania in the West.

Lasanar.png Laws of Lasanar

Lasanar is governed by the Constitution of the Feudal Republic of Lasanar, which was passed into law in January of 2007.

Lasanar.png Important Figures - Present

Milan von Krondor

  • Former Baron of Semon
  • Former King of Lasanar
  • Former Duke of Ozrat
  • Former Grand Justiciar of Lasanar
  • Former Duke of Ossaet
  • Former Prime Minister of Lasanar

Aethius Kain

  • Former Baron of Upasael
  • Former Grand Justiciar of Lasanar
  • Former Prime Minister of Lasanar

Kestrelle Hawkestone

  • Present Prime Minister of Lasanar
  • Former Duchess of Sasrhas
  • Former Countess of Anaos
  • originally discovered treachery of former Duchess Menelmereth in the Treason of Colasan

Galiard Scarlett

  • Present Duke of Ossaet
  • Present Minister of Defense of Lasanar
  • Former Grand Justiciar of Lasanar
  • Former Minister of Finances of Lasanar
  • Former Baron of Semon
  • Chief antagonist and prosecutor of former Duchess Menelmereth in the Treason of Colasan

William Equar

  • Former Count of Anaos, succesor Vincent Darkstar
  • Former Minister of Finances of Lasanar, succesor Vincent Darkstar
  • Former Grand Justiciar of Lasanar (while Akanos was released form HE), succesor Fromir SkullDarks
  • Former Duke of Akanos, succesor Vulpes de Zorro
  • Former Baron of Isular, succesor Aedward Dunraven
  • Present Duke of Akanos

Mallory Mac Branain

  • Present Minister of Finances
  • Former Baron of Abilotiel

Vulpes de Zorro

  • Former Baron of Sasat
  • Former Minister of Defense'
  • Former Duke of Akanos
  • Nearly present Baron of Sasat

Poison Shadow-Stalker

Belendel Frogmorton

Ingus Hensepens

Lasanar.png Important Figures - Past

Daran Hawk

  • Former Duke of Colasan
  • Founder of Lasanar
  • Ruler in the past, stepped down and after a short period became ruler again.
  • Some say he was killed, some say he left Lasanar, as it was time to go and leave the Far East.
  • Daran did not ever leave Lasanar, he his ancient enemy from back before Lasanar's creation in a duel to the death, he fell within Lasanar lands under his enemies blade, thereby ending the last of the Hawk family line in the Far East
  • His successor as king was Milan
  • His successor as Duke was Anatole

Anatole Malkavian Brandon

  • Former Count of Isular
  • Former Duke of Colasan our first capital
  • Former Minister of Defense of Lasanar
  • Left Lasanar

Fromir SkullDarks

  • Former Count of Attlel
  • Former Baron of Abilotiel
  • Former Grand Justiciar of Lasanar

Drut the Ugly Nabarl

  • Former Duke of Ozrat our capital
  • Left Lasanar

Sarig TithOnanka

  • Ruler who kept the Lasanar council in the dark as to how Lasanar was percieved by the rest of the island
  • Gave the region of Ahael without explanation, and ordered Lasanar not to take it back
  • Would not allow the proper defense of Hupar, allowing it to be attacked by Svunnetland to cause rebellion, Ethiala came to its aid and finally claimed it as there own
  • Ruled from when Lasanar held two duchies up until that ill fated tournament, when Lasanar held four duchies, and was deported by a tournament council because they thought he steped down to join the tournament
  • Gave exHighlanders the duchy of Sasrhas, upon which they succeeded the city upon Sarig's deportation, the one act that caused the Highland Empire ultimate downfall.
  • Came back from the Colonies, started a rebellion and was banned after his defeat.
  • Now member of Nighthelm

Vincent Darkstar

  • Former Count of Anaos
  • Former Minister of Finances of Lasanar
  • Left Lasanar

Ryft Dendir

  • Former Grand Justiciar of Lasanar
  • General of the Ethiala Protection Act
  • Creator of the Duchies Armies
  • General of the Highland Empire conquest
  • Former count of Lenamaziel
  • Now Count and Marshal in Ethiala

Draban Trogain

  • Former Baron of Semon
  • Former General of Lasanar
  • Former Duke of Ossaet
  • Creator of the Duke's Council
  • Known as the Slayer of the Highland Empire
  • Turned Ossaet into a military duchy for the sole purpose of removing Highland Empire
  • Left Lasanar not long after Ryft Dendir, destination unknown

Gerrod Canisargos

Galahad Arthur

  • Former Duke of Sasrhas after the recapture from former Highland Empire troopleaders
  • Former Minister of Finances of Lasanar
  • Former Grand Justiciar of Lasanar

Doyle Drake

  • Arrested of High Treason and seceded - responsible for the Second Treason of Colasan
  • Former Duke of Colasan
  • Former Count of Hosiel
  • Former Minister of Defense of Lasanar of the first expansion after Highland Empire regions

Lasanar.png Families and Clans

Note: all families follow naming convention:
Family name, Family Member name('s)

Lasanar Troop Leaders, add your family page here, in alphabetical order

Lasanar.png Mentor Lessons

Lasanar currently has two mentors: Prime Minister Kestrelle and Duke/Grand Justiciar Galiard. Some mentor lessons are available from the Lasanar Mentor Lessons Page.

Lasanar.png Regions

There is a bit of extra information here.

Duchy of Akanos

City of Akanos

Duchy of Colasan

City of Colasan

Duchy of Ossaet

City of Ossaet

Duchy of Ozrat

City of Ozrat

Duchy of Sasrhas

City of Sasrhas

Unaligned regions

Lost regions, present in other hands or in our hands again:

Ahael was formerly a region of the Duchy of Colosan, was lost under Sarig's regime to an attack from Svunnetland. Ordered by Sarig to not retake as he had come to an agreement with Svunnetland to take it. Intended to reclaim after Sarig was remvoed from power, but an siege and then constant future attacks from Highland Empire disrupted and future plans to retake the region.

Hupar was formerly a region of the Duchy of Colosan, was lost to an attack from Svunnetland, a poor defence that trickled in from Ozrat failed in repelling the attackers, upon which the region turned into a rebel region, Ethiala then moved in and kicked Svunnetland from the region and claimed it as there own. Ozrat, not yet the capital was then put under siege and attempted takeover from the then strong Highland Empire forever interrupting Lasanar's needs to discuss the return of the region. It was also decided that allowing Ethiala to keep it would improve border relations with the fledgling nation at that stage.

Lenamaziel joind a recently new realm created in and by former Antoza Commonwealth troopleaders. The new realm is called the League of Anacan.

Ahael, It was taken from Svunnetland but only after a few day's with the help of Nighthelm they took it back on 2006-05-28.

City of Colasan seceeded together with City of Ossaet and Isular.

When Isular was retaken, City of Ossaet seceeded from the new found realm and took our region of Sanzzos in the again new created new realm.


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