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1st March

Summer Day - [[Karbala]

Luna Tempest

--The Previous Battle--

Dame Luna Tempest once again found herself on the cusp of a massive battle about to take place. The Northern Alliance host of Eponllyn, Shadowdale and Sirion marched south to defend the region of Nascot from the Perdanese Armies takeover.

As the two great armies approached the Shadow King issued orders to the Shadow Legion, Luna and her Tempest Rangers were to deploy to the front line. With her rangers they were to inflict as many casualties as achievable before the infantry slog and cavalry charge.

Looking across the field from her position worried Lady Tempest. It appeared the Perdanite army was larger than the Northern one and with many more infantry. She opted to sheath her sword and prepare her bow. Charging the lines would be suicide so Luna would hold her ground where she stood and lavish the enemies with arrows.

With a blast of a horn the entire vanguard came to a halt, as all the units of archers prepared. With a command of Nock, Hold and Fire a cascade of arrows filled the sky however the hold command might have been a moment too long. Arrows crashed down not a moment after Luna and her rangers own release. Lady Tempest looked around her as a dozen of her own rangers and 100’s of other men fell wounded from arrow fire.

With another command a second volley from both sides shaded the center of the battlefield while infantry and cavalry charged past the lines archers towards the entrenched enemy. Again men fell all around her, blood and screaming aplenty.

By the third volley the front lines had become completely entrenched. The clashing of steel heard all across the battlefield. It would not be long until the inevitable hail of arrows would hit the Tempest Rangers once again. Unfortunately Luna’s luck had run out, as two arrows found their mark. One would come down and strike her thigh leaving an uncomfortable flesh wound. However the other arrow would narrowly miss her collar bone knocking her to the ground and leaving her gasping for air.

As the order came to fire at will several of the Tempest Rangers dragged their Lady towards the backline and to safety while the others remained firm, firing as commanded. Laid resting against a stump Luna covered in her own blood watched the remaining battle unfold around her. Northern men were scattering and retreating all round, including her own Tempest Rangers. With what little strength Dame Tempest had left she scribbled a few words of the battle in her journal.

Wounded, with all her remaining rangers scattered and the horns blowing from the Northern Alliance sounding a retreat Luna figured she would be left behind to die. Resting on that stump there in the dirt and blood surrounded by her fallen men she passes out.

Dawson Lawson

Even though his troops were scattered and he was lightly wounded during the battle Dawson was pretty proud of his men. Not only did him an his troops wound two nobles including the marshal of one of the enemy armies but his infantry was the last group of infantry to by standing in the field before the end.

Dawson was hoping that his troops would last long enough to cover the archers even longer but the press of men around them eventually broke his troops. Now they are heading back to akesh temple to recover, hopefully hi healers will do a good job and no more of his men will die

2nd March

Summer Day -- Negev

Jerod Seraph

Jerod’s rat men had tasted war.

The battle had been quite intense and his captain had died almost immediately. However another rat man stepped up in his place and continued the fight.

He would have to get to know the man.

Although they did not win, Jerod was proud of how long his rat men had stayed on the field as a small force among many larger ones.

They had paid a high price for their loyalty.

The healers managed to save more than Jerod had thought possible, but there was still a significant portion of those men who would not go back home.

Jerod sighed while he thought of the battle. Now he limped around getting the financial side taken care of and getting some of their equipment repaired. Soon he would himself he healed of the wounds he took in the battle, but compound interest waited for no man, and it was time to make sure his debts were paid in full.

3rd March

Summer Evening -- Supra

Jerod Seraph

As he marched toward home, Jerod looked over his papers from horse back. He suddenly realized he had actually only lost a few men, but as he was fairly untested, there was a limit to who wild follow him into battle, and that had been limited by his initial money. Indeed this refit came at a good time, as he now had enough money to hire as many men as would follow him... Not all that many more than now, but more just the same it would fill his unit out a little. He also saw that his men’s gear was looking a bit tattered.

Yes, this refit would work well.

16th March

Summer Evening -- Aestus

Flavia Arindal

Flavia cursed in a most ignoble manner as she grasped her bleeding arm and realized that her opponent was even more seriously injured.

"This was supposed to be fun," she said between gritted teeth. "I'm sorry."

19th March

Summer Day -- Fontan

Jerod Seraph

“Captain Ceolilda, please inform the ratmen that they can go to the dance hall for the night.” Jerod ordered and watched as the new leader of the rat men’s fist hit his breastplate in salute. Jerod nodded to him and the man departed to send the other rat men off into the temple.

Jerod turned and looked out over the temple grounds.

The sun was setting and night would soon overtake the land. It was quiet except for the impromptu tournament. A bit of a fiasco, in which the participants had seriously wounded each other and set the whole thing into chaos.

Jerod shook his head and kicks some dust of the ground. He had never really seen the point of tournaments when he was a child. Bu the time he was grown, his brother had always raised the standard for their family at tournaments as the slightly older of the twins. Jerod’s only experiences with duels were as a spectator. It had never occurred to him, until now, that his fathers rules for him no longer applied. He was a whole world away now.

With a sigh, Jerod started to walk to his rented room and think about his twin, so far away, leading their father’s house guard.

Did he even remember he had a brother?

20th March

Summer Day -- Fontan

Dawson Lawson

Dawson approached the room ready to join this tournament. He walked in the room and went to his spot to fight sir Foxen. Dawson turns to Lord Lindow and salutes the leader with his sword and readies himself for the duel.

Christofer III Kane

" *cough...cough* Scribe!! Go fetch my healer!" Christofer had been feeling great until an hour ago and he was suddenly hot to the touch, could barely breathe and he had developed a dry hacking cough.

The healer rushed in, took one look at Christofer and put him to bed.

"My Lord, this looks like the mystery disease that invaded Karbala. The only thing we know to do right now is to stay in bed and drink plenty of fluids."

"have my scribe fetch me an ale!"

"My Lord I would not recommend drinking right now..."

" Ale is a fluid isn't it?"

30th March

Summer Evening -- Aureus

Christofer III Kane

Christofer had lain in bed for a week. His lungs sounded as if he were breathing through water. His healers, in consultation, agreed this was like Consumption but somehow different. His fever spiked and dropped again. The housemaids turned him every few hours to keep the liquid from settling in one part of his lungs. He was in dire straights and the healers couldn't do anything more than they already were.

Summer Evening -- Supra

Lindow Moonsun

Lindow was in a big room inside Aurellian Keep, he was sitting in front of his desk with a burning candle and in his hands that war book that so entertained him. At that moment a maid entered carrying an infusion of herbs. Once she put the cup down on the desk, the maid knelt in front of Lindow and kissed her feet as she cried.

- Please, your Highness, help me -

Lindow was surprised at such a sudden gesture.

- Who are you? speak up! -

- I am a maid in the service of House Kaen. My lord, Count Christofer III, is in very serious condition. The healers say that there is nothing more they can do for him, that he is in the hands of the divinities. - the maid said between sobs.

Lindow was briefly silent and asked in a calm tone

- What happens to Lord Christofer? -

- The healers say that it is Consumption, their lungs are full of water according to what other maids have told me.-

Lindow was thoughtful, he could command his healers but it wouldn't do much good because all Shadowdale Healer's Guilds practice the same ancient healing arts of the Sirion population. However, he remembered a letter he had recently received, the letter from Ambassador Brigdha about The Crimson Saltire sanitarium in Evora.

"It could work" Lindow thought and then he took pen and paper and wrote a letter.

- It´s done, give it to your master, it's a royal authorization. Tomorrow a qualified carriage will be waiting outside to transport him to Evora, where he will reside at The Crimson Saltire sanitarium. In case it is impossible to move it, send me a letter informing me. -

- Thank you, Your Highness, thank you - said the maiden gratefully, who finally opened the door and left quickly.

Christofer III Kane

Despite the fever, Christofer lay shivering in bed still asleep. The healers were fussing over him not wanting him to die but unsure of what else would happen. The maids had continued to turn him every few hours but his status had remained unchanged.

A royal scribe entered the room and announced he had a message directly for Lord Christofer. The chief healer looked at the bed-bound noble then at the scribe, he held out his hand and told the scribe he would see to it that the Count received it when able. The scribe offered the explanation that the king wanted the contents to be read and followed immediately.

Opening the letter the Chief healer read,

Royal Authorization

I, your Royal Highness The Shadow King Lindow Moonsun of Shadowdale, authorize and order that Count Christofer III Kane be admitted to The Crimson Saltire sanitarium in Evora.

I order the sanitarium healers to prioritize the care of the noble.

In the Shadow,

Lindow Moonsun

Shadow King of Shadowdale

Royal of Shadowdale

Duke of Shadow's Bluff

Margrave of Karbala

Marshal of the Shadow Legion

"Find Captain Reinolt, tell him to have the troop ready to move out tomorrow morning, we are going to Evora."

31st March

Summer Day -- Supra

Christofer III Kane

A Royal carriage pulled up to the healers' hospital where Christofer had lain for a week, His troop assembled behind and waited for the orders to fall in. The chief healer inspected the carriage and found it had been specifically fitted with a bed and had enough room for several healers to go with.

Several of the troop were tasked with the job of actually moving Christofer to the carriage and he was bundled up and made ready for the journey. Three senior healers were assigned to travel with the carriage but the Chief healer, reluctantly, was forced to stay behind as his duties demanded he take care of the nobles within Akesh Temple. Gingerly, Christofer was carried to the carriage and placed in the bed, the assigned healers took their place within the carriage now, their duties would include turning Christofer every couple hours and generally making sure he was comfortable and stable.

Captain Reinolt roared the order to fall in and the order was given to start the journey.