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22nd September

Summer Day -- Karbala


Veronika approached the Baronesses pavilion with some reservation, not knowing what to expect. Once announced she laid before the noblewoman a collection of scrolls and a few items.

"My Lady this is what I have to offer. Does any of it interest you? If so name your price and we shall see if we can come to agreement."


  • Shouting Club of Battle Weapon 89 % + 2 prestige
  • Vampire King's Anthology of the League of Anacan Book 99 % + 5 prestige


  • Magic Weapons
  • Panic
  • Fountain of Youth
  • Magic Steeds
  • Healing
  • Fountain of Youth
  • Splash of Acid

Brigdha Dubhaine

Brigdha examined the scrolls carefully, caressing the parchment cautiously with her fingers as her higher senses tested the fullness of the concepts contained within. Not all such artefacts were what they purported to be and a wise scholar always tested before purchasing. The incantations reached out to her, a chorus of murmured sweet nothings on the etheric tides, each eager to be invoked and unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. Such power was not to be taken lightly and the Balancewalker was grateful that providence had brought so much of it here to Karbala where the Shadows might contain it, and not to the brutal realms of the South where little good would come of it.

"I'll take all these scrolls Mistress Veronika, they'll be a fine addition to my personal library. Shall we say 50 gold per scroll?"

The haggling would give her time to consider the more significant find. The Anthology. She'd heard rumour of the dread tome in her travels, an ostensibly innocuous history of the Far East written by one of that ageless and undying order who prey not merely upon the blood of men but upon their every misery. To some such a tome would be considered a fine discovery, a possession to arouse jealousy and awe in equal measure, perhaps to nonchalantly be quoted before a battle, or even perhaps to form the basis of magical workings such as the maunts were fond of. A link to denizens of the High Firmament who should be kept well and truly beyond the moonbeam roads, pedlars of parlour tricks in exchange for mens' souls.

As a traveller of those moonbeam roads and a skilled adepts not of the mysteries but of the essential sciences, to Brigdha it was a work of utmost peril if truly what it seemed. The priestess gently turned the pages, checking its provenance. The penmanship was certainly that of the Far East and not that of free hands either, the ink bubbling with the anguish of the scribes from whom it had been drawn and upon whose quills it had dried even as they scratched the feverish prose which emanated from their dread master - if prose it could be named for there were mad cacophonies of poem and digression into esoteric geometry which turned all convention of narrative history on its head. So many lives consumed to produce a work at once both magnificent in its scope and irredeemably malign in its execution... an insight less into the History of the League of Anacan than into the manner of its demise, the autopsy of a people by the hidden hand who had guided their destruction.

And there, slumbering within that labyrinth of madness lay the mind who had commissioned it. Knowing the fate which would soon fall upon the Far East the eponymous Vampire King had conceived this very work much as a shipwright might the vessel to bare him safely from the ruin of a drowned island, and about it he had spun many protections to ensure his survival. Under no circumstances could this thing be allowed to fall into mundane hands for fear that its creator's plan would come to fruition and fresh calamity be visited upon the East Continent.

The work of hours in the High Firmament seemed but a few moments in the world of flesh.

"And this I think would fill a notable niche in the Grey University's catalogue and curriculum. Would 150 gold suffice?"

Summer Evening -- Karbala


All! Did this noblewoman before really just say all? Veronika was taken aback. She had assumed that she might find a buyer for one or two of her wares but never had the though of such wealth entered her mind. Her shock was evident upon her face and a shine of delight twinkled in her eyes. The realization of her composure hit her as she closed her mouth. So much for negotiations, she thought.

"My lady you are most generous. I of course would be delighted to see these works added to your collection, but I am not sure I can part with all of them." Looking at the scrolls the huntress began he selection and handed them to the priestess.

Brigdha Dubhaine

"As you will Mistress Veronika, my chatelaine will take care of the details," the Baroness smiled as an imposing woman of advancing years entered the room, dressed in rich velvets and crisp linen.

"You called ma'am?" though quite how was far from apparent.

"Yes Iraen, our friend here is due 350 gold sovereigns and a writ of commendation. We'll take refreshments on the terrace whilst we wait."


350 gold sovereign! a life times worth was in her hands. Now what to do with it?

"My Lady, you are most generous. Might I stay and enjoy the city?" But what she truly meant was she intended to fill her kegs and do some hunting...

23rd September

Summmer Day -- Karbala

Brigdha Dubhaine

"I think you'll find little of the excitement you prefer here my dear, unless your tastes run to old sailors' yarns or wine cups and the fever dreams which inevitably follow. Still, if you want a tavern with good beds and heated baths I'm reliably informed that The Stone's Shadow near the Grey Palace can provide for your needs. If the concierge complains tell him you're on University business and that he should contact my office, that normally does the trick."