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Located on::East Continent
Part of::Shadowdale
Part of::Shadow's Bluff
Lindow Moonsun
is regiontype::City
East Coast
Manufacturing, Trade

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District of the Market

The district has some popular places like Royal Street, which is the richest area of ​​the neighborhood and the Grand Plaza. It is the neighborhood where the most important shops and guilds of the city are located, many caravans accumulate in its streets waiting to load and unload the merchandise sold in the neighborhood. There spices and exotic products are sold. The most famous of all is the purple wine of Karbala, people say you only need a sip to induce psychedelic effects.

District of the Palaces

The Palaces District is the management center of the city. It is a walled place at the highest point of the city. In the district were the Palace Square, the Grey Palace and the Lunar Palace. The Palace Square was the link between the Grey Palace, home of the Shadow King Lindow Moonsun, with the Lunar Palace, a building for the Council and officials. It was completely paved with different gray stones that formed geometric shapes. In the center of the square you could see a yellow stone obelisk, an ancient monument of Luciferase Mayhem, the first monarch of Shadowdale. The Grey Palace was built by the elves from a massive rock that fell from the sky, ordinary people said it was the wrath of a god that threw a rock at humanity. The throne room was a rectangular black and white marble room with six black columns that extended from the doors to the royal throne. When you enter, to the left of the room were three large windows with beautifully decorated blue curtains, while on the right were beautiful canvases of past stories. The throne was a white marble structure carved in a complex but majestic way. The palace has an almond tree garden that surrounded a lake, in spring the place became a winter landscape due to the white flowers of the almond trees. The Lunar Palace resembles many fortresses of the Eastern Continent in its triple disposition as a castle, palace and residential annex for subordinates. In its watchtower, known as the Blue Candle Tower, there is a large cauldron with a blue flame that never stops burning.

District of the Royal Port of the Twilight

The point of greatest interest is the lighthouse, a tower of elven architecture that contrasts with the human architecture of the rest of the port. At the top of the tower, three female bronze figures hold a cauldron on fire, so the lighthouse is colloquially called the Three Sisters Although the city's ports are majestic, the truth is that the neighborhood of the port is the poorest place in the city. It is a place full of warehouses, inns and brothels. Who wants to live there or create a business there or is crazy or does not have much money for other districts.

District of Letters

The District of Letters is the main point of teaching and cultural exchange of the city. There are many colleges within the Grey University of Karbala covering history, law, medicine, astronomy, and more. Theology is taught in the Cathedral of the Shadow. The Grey University of Karbala, built in the rulership of the Shadow King Lindow Moonsun, is the center of culture of the realm. It is said that the elder scrolls collection of the Spider Queen Luciferase Mayhem is saved there. Another point of interest in the District of Letters is the High Park of the Fallen, a graveyard built during the Great War between the northern realms and the southern realms. Many Shadowdale sons and daughters lie in their green meadows.

Prominent Family Homes

Past Lords of Karbala

  • Luciferase Mayhem


  • Investment Cost: 420 gold