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Dagoriad Dynasty

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Older history

Aristocratic family Dagoriad hails from Kilbranba on the continent of Atamara, and it is a new family whose lineage can be traced in the history of less than 100 hundred years. The dynasty was founded by Darius Dagoriad who served as a mercenary in the armies of Carelia. Many wealthy contracts allowed him to settle down and start his own line as he was approaching older days of his life. He married a daughter of a respected merchant named Narayanna and afterwards purchased a small mansion in Kilbranba, granting his family the class of minor nobility. Darius was an aged war veteran and he chose Kilbranba as place to settle down due to its calm and maritime landscape, so he can raise his children properly and die in peace. Before death took him his wife gave birth to one son of his and two daughters. The name of the son was Alexius and since his coming of age he was the head of the family, and the daughters were Sybill and Isabella. Alexius Dagoriad knew how to make wealth and expand family's possessions. With time, dedication and cunningness he managed to take hold of a large part of his home region, however, only with marital ties did Alexius earn the title of nobility for his line. He arranged the weddings of his sisters to two most prominent young nobles, hence strengthening the bonds with the nobility of Carelia and the region itself. Once he bethrothed the daughter of Kilbranba's governor Sophia, Alexius finally saw his dreams coming to reality as the Dagoriad family was acknowledged as a purely noble family and accepted into the aristocracy of Carelia.

Dagoriad Family Tree.png

Recent history

Alexius' wife gave birth to two sons of his before she passed on prematurely. The two were: Caranthir, the older one, and Ghalen, the younger one. As they were coming of age their father ensured they were properly educated in Strombran's academies so that one day they can proudly represent their family. When that day came, Caranthir as the older one was meant to remain close to his family's home region and serve as a noble of Carelia, while Ghalen decided to sail off from Atamara in search of an adventure.

Noble Members

There are currently four nobles of the family that serve across the world hoping to earn glory and fortune for themselves, and to bring fame to their father and their noble bloodline.

Caranthir Dagoriad - Knight of Ossmat, Old Grehk (Beluaterra)

Ghalen Dagoriad - Marquis of Hoelorr, Mesh (Beluaterra)

Arthorius Dagoriad - Viscount of Knyazes, Caerwyn (Dwilight)

Eiwar Dagoriad - Knight of Ortedail, Kindara (Far East), Marshal of the Guardians of Twilight

Family Fame

The characters listed for specific fame points are only the first among the family to achieve them, while many of them were achieved again by other characters but they are not listed as they don't give any new fame points.

FB Lord.png
Ghalen: Hoelorr
Sum: 1 points

FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 10
Sum: 2 points

Unique Item
Sum: 1 points

FB Placeholder.png
Sum: 0 points

FB Placeholder.png
Sum: At least 0 point

FB Placeholder.png
Sum: At most 0 points

Total: 4 points