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Region Details
Continent Far East
Region Type City
Geographic Area Peninsula
Population 1
Economy Administration, Logging
Realm (rogue)

Duchy of Ortedail

Duke Alpha Enodscopia rules the duchy, and the City of Ortedail.

One Infantry center One Archery center Banner Manufacture Weapon/Armour Smiths Academy Caravan Workshop House of Healing Tournament Grounds Siege Workshop


The lands outlying the city are marked by numerous small fishing villages. Small boats can almost always be seen from the shore. Though, no where near as many as can be found in the main fishing areas of Dsinanas. Thanks to the fishermen of the two lands, complimented by small scale grain farming, the Ortedail duchy is largely self sufficient in terms of food.

The main regional road, called the Black Stone Highway, runs from Osaliel to Ortedail, acting as a lifeline of trade. The road is wide, and paved with the black granite that is local to the region. Built originally by the, ancient and now defunct, Svunnetland Empire for the purpose of imperial trade. Following the breakup of the Empire, the road was widened, and an extensive dendritic network of lesser roads were constructed, both largely for the military logistical value. Currently, the road is well maintained, and in excellent condition. Patrols from the local garrisons are a common sight.

The city of Ortedail has been ruled by many realms since its founding. First the Svunnetland Empire, then Verità e Potere, Soliferum, The Grand Lodge of Lunaria, Soliferum, and then Kindara at last. This turnover led to a great deal of diversity to be found within the city. Certain districts bear the cultural marks of their respective builders. In the center stands the Orlock, a keep of Svunnetlander design.

Ortedail is relatively unremarkable in terms of cities, except for its massive black granite walls. The walls, towering 15 meters above the landscape, serve as a testament to the bloody history of the region. The city sits on a gently sloping hill with the land below the walls littered with boulders, to make sieges more difficult. In the center, and highest point, of the city stands the Orlock, which was the first fortification built within the city, it consists of a central keep surrounded by a 6 meter high wall with seven towers. The keep itself stands nearly 20 meters. After Ortedail was taken by Kindara the keep underwent extension renovation at the order of Duke Alpha. The interior of the Orlock was transformed into an extremely opulent palace, while the exterior remains an imposing near impenetrable stone fortress. Not far from the walls of the Orlock is the Royal Palace of Kindara. It is smaller than the Duke's keep, but it is no less grand.

Between the wall and the sea lay the docks. Without the docks there would be no city. Exports of ikrif, and spices provide Ortedail with wealth in gold. Immigrants arrive occasionally, typically poor craftsmen or other skilled artisans. This provides the city was a available pool of skill laborers.

Spice Merchants Guild

The Spice Merchants Guild is a proto-corporation run by the 9 sellers/traders of various spices and herbs (including illegal ones) in and around Ortedail. It meets once per season to discuss price fixing and the general state of business in the city, and dominates the economic center.

Noble Houses of Ortedail (NPC)

  • House Justment, the eldest and most respected of Ortedail's native nobility. It is lead by Valkos.
  • House Ternasi, the poorest. Lead by Dorein, a Spice Merchant who uses ikrif and has four wives and no children, it is nonetheless a noble and respected house among the townsfolk.
  • House Lockmar, of whom Lord Edgar is the Steward of Ortedail and the master of Orlock.

Spice Merchants Guildmembers (NPC)

  • Valkos of Justment is the Chairman of the Guild and wields considerable power.
  • Dorein of Ternasi is debt-poor and fat, but has influence with his fellow spice merchants.
  • Hatsez is noted for his pro-Republican views and was not born here, but rather in Osaliel.
  • Nolen owns several coastal and oceanic ships and exports spices in profitable but dangerous expeditions to Atamara and the East Continent.
  • Kononder was born in Nighthelm, served as an infantryman during the war of Secession and lost an eye. He since then personally leads his own caravans in the southlands.
  • Lector is almost solely concerned with the trade of ikrif, which he buys directly from Idaol farmers.
  • Ibash is a courtier in the Duke's Palace.
  • Kakosh is said to be dishonest, but has the ear of the police of the city because of his original occupation as sherrif.
  • Golovny is the youngest spice merchant and is also quite religious, following the old religion of the great Svunnetland Empire.

The County of Dsinanas

The County of Dsinanas is ruled by Countess Min Hyral. This is a critical point of control for Kindara.

One Cavalry center |

Along with the above infrastructure, the Former Count Valius has erected a Guild Hall for the Hall of Blood and Battle in the region in order to support that guild in it's tactical support of the realm. However the has now fallen. Disianas is famed for two regiments- the Red Moon Infantry and the Disianas Longbowmen. The Red Moon Infantry are a loosely discplined millita of peasent-soldiers, who wear leather lamellar armour and carry an assortment of axes and blunt weapons. The Longbowmen are experienced foresters and gameskeepers, and many have practiced since youth with their trademark weapon, a Longbow called a "Daikyu", famed for its unusual curve and awesome power.

The County of Todpitz

Currently under the command of Count Devan. The formerly contested county of Todtpiz was taken from Soliferum at the end of the war. The following resources have been built in Todtpiz:

One Mixed-Infantry center One Archers center Scouts Guild

The County of Azohib

Currently under the rule of Count Balt