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The Bakos Family originally lived within the Continent of Atamara, within the realm of Tara. They have always had a lower status than those of the other Families within Tara, and have tried to prove themselves to everyone.



  • Is considered to be one of the influential people to meet. Has developed friendships with quite a few people along his journies.


  • Very caring of her brother and her cousin.

Departed Family Members


  • The nutcase of the bunch.




  • Considered to be the wise one of the family.

Family Tree

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Family Status
Character Condition Location (or location of demise) Current Positions Past Positions Occupation
Kurohyou Alive Tara
Marshal of the Army of Tara
Baron of Tichi
General of Tara

Count of Lesthem
Count of Aigaling
<Marquis of Menedor
Hei Dead Sirion Countess of Flismar
Marshal of the Sirion Scarlet Hunters
Marshal of the Army of Avamar Hero
Rainerudhiel Alive Sirion Countess of Dolmbar
Marshal of the Sirion Scarlet Hunters
Enzeru Dead Minas Ithil
Senator of Piwani Prime Minister of Fronen
Grand Justiciar of Fronen
Duke of Mhed
Baron of Qual
Daichi Dead Sint N/A N/A Adventurer
M'sao Dead Svunnetland N/A N/A Adventurer
Herutenshi Dead Antoza Commonwealth N/A N/A Adventurer
Sonma Dead Alebad N/A N/A Soldier
Datarian Dead Ash Sea Islands N/A N/A Soldier
Ryuutarou Alive Arcaea N/A N/A Infiltrator

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