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== Family Heraldry ==
==Family Heraldry==
<center>[[{{ns:6}}:Sol_Tempest_Herald.png|300px]] [[{{ns:6}}:Luna_Tempest_Herald.png|300px|]]</center>
==Family History==
==Family History==

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Family Heraldry

Sol Tempest Herald.png Luna Tempest Herald.png

Family History

Early History

The Tempest family history starts on the continent of Beluaterra ages before now. It is rumored that the very first Tempest was sparked into existence from a violent lighting storm on a snowy mountain peak. Folklore describes Bolt Tempest, the founder of the family as a born master of the air elements, taking command of the wind and lighting to forge a great and noble family. However as time passed, less Tempest children would be born with elemental gifts. By The Seventh Age of Beluaterra the family had descended to become lesser nobles with their last remaining modest estate in Yipinalke.

The Seventh Age of Beluaterra

The Seventh Age saw the birth of both Sol and Luna, sisters of the Tempest family. While Sol was born with a gift of primal fire, Luna was born with no discernible gifts. The sisters would form a bond despite the wishes of their parents. Without a gift Luna was the black sheep of her family.

Sol continues her support of Thalmarkin until the secession off Vordul Sanguinis and swears her allegiance the Emperor Xlair Silverblade.

The Fifth Age of East Continent

Luna leaves Beluaterra to forge her own destiny on the East Continent. She arrives in Shadowdale, and lends her knowledge to the Shadowking.

Living Nobles

Sol Tempest.jpg
Sol Tempest
Beluaterra Thalmarkin
Vordul Sanguinis
Sol, the Eldest child of the Tempest family hails from the province of Yipinalke. Born with the gift of fire magic Sol was trained to harness the power of her namesake with complimented knight training. Upon coming of age to be a lady she was quite skilled with a single blade and modest magic skills. On her 17th birthday Sol could be described as a slender women standing around 5ft7 with skin as pale as snow and blonde hair to match. Her eyes normally are a faint golden color however glimmer like topaz while spell casting. This is off putting to some common folk who often refer to her as the tempest witch.
Luna Tempest.jpg
Luna Tempest
East Continent Shadowdale
Luna, Sol's younger sister also hails from the province of Yipinalke. Luna was born with no discernible elemental gifts therefore her parents were apathetic towards her. She received sword training from the family Master-at-Arms and sparred often with Sol. She would become very proficient with both a short and long blade, besting even her elder sister. Upon turning 15 Luna realized she would gain no prestige remaining under her parents and in Sol's shadow. She took whatever she could carry and deserted her homeland of Beluaterra for The East Continent. Luna can be described as a women with an average build, standing around 5' 6". Luna's hair is as dark as a ravens feathers and her eyes are as bright as a full blue moon.