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East Continent, revised draft (signed)<br/>
East Continent, revised draft (signed)<br/>

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MacGregor Family History

First Coming of the House MacGregor was in York, Atamara


Sirius MacGregor

A noble young man and the youngest of the MacGregor trio of siblings. Sirius began the legacy of the MacGregor line to the Eastern Continent, which would one day be the home of the noble family. He had aspirations to be a most chivalrous Cavalier, and as such, led Cavalry in valorous combat. Young and eager, he strode into the homeland of the elves, whose realm shared a striking and coincidentally similar name to his own. Rumors say he even courted a fair elf maiden for some time, who bequeathed upon him her favor in the form of a necklace with a pale purple jewel.

Unfortunately, young Sirius grew too bold too quickly and became a heroic soul, to better prove himself both to himself, his family, and to his new budding courtship. Soonafter, he died in a Cavalry charge against the walls of West Sirion's then Avamar, having moved in time with the orders, and being the only one to have done so, slew by volley after volley of arrows. Such is the peril of a heroic life.

Lutia MacGregor

Lutia MacGregor was the middle child of MacGregor trio, originally a quiet and withdrawn woman, charmed quickly by political life and swept into politics and a budding romance that turned her from a quiet maiden, to a brazen and even fierce rebel in her own right. She was a part of the realm of Coimbra, which historians barely remember as a footnote of Eastern Continent history, smashed between the cities Oligarch and Fontan, with a capital of Krimml, the realm did not last long, and was swiftly absorbed into Fontan, which would one day become the MacGregor homestead when Atamara was sunk.

Lutias history becomes less clear here as records seem to indicate that it was said she disappeared not long after a wild romance with a noble going by the name of Vegeta (family name unknown) and never returned from whatever self imposed exile she may have committed. Some say she still wanders the woods of the East Continent today, but none know of her fate for certain.

Rowan MacGregor

Interestingly, many of the records of this Rowan MacGregor are erased or seem to have intentionally obfuscated or shrouded in some way, compared to the relatively detailed records of the other siblings, suggesting some kind of intentional tampering or intermingling with previously established records, which give conflicting details.

What is known is that Sirius' death impacted Rowan MacGregor heavily, which would see him in the future lead an army by the name of Rowan's Riders, in dedication and memory of the young hero, his younger brother, who died valiantly but tragically on the walls of Avamar in a then distant land.

Second Coming of the House MacGregor - Leohampton, Atamara


blurb : From Fontan to Minas Ithil

Rowan MacGregor

Luna MacGregor

Ethan MacGregor

Third Coming of House MacGregor in Fontan, East Continent


Alabasta MacGregor

"Nephew" of Rowan MacGregor. Madina. Former Lord of Madina Gardens. Former Marshal. Last seen at sea.

Janis MacGregor

Of early Obia'Syela."Niece" of Rowan MacGregor, heavily implied that it is not by blood, but that she was in part raised by him, as she occasionally mentions his values and ideals. Nigh Uncontrollable temper and supernaturally strong. Unknown past tragedy involving a younger sibling and (perhaps?) her temper. Often wears ivory colored armor with golden trim. Other times rumors suggest she is a fan of martial combat, casually known as wrestling or street brawling. More personal rumors suggest she has a secret relationship that no one knows about. Often seen with her personal advisor Bonita.

Rowan MacGregor

With Atamara Long Sunk, the House MacGregor returned to the place where Democracy once thrived, and a vague remembrance of being convinced of the values of equality, independence and free speech lingering and remained. But the ghosts of Fontan the realm had been scattered to the winds like so many other dead ideas, ideals, and realms, though a burning desire still kindled in the third house and yet another(?) Rowan MacGregor appeared to rekindle this flame. Bound by duty and honor, he vowed to find a peaceful way to restore the realm to its former glory, but instead found himself embroiled in the strife of Caligus, the realm which now controlled Fontan city. In time, he was forced to make a decision whether to abandon the realm he had only a budding loyalty to, or to try and find a better purpose (and perhaps romance?) in a different realm that Caligus had connections with. But that was not to be so, as he decided the best way to win the favor of a Lady of Power and Prominence would be to come at her with his own Power and Prominence as well. So it was that he became General of Caligus, and then King, the first time any MacGregor had led as a Ruler. In time, his unreciprocated (likely because they were undeclared) romantic ideas formed into a strong kinship, but the "maiden" in question already had a deep and sordid history, and indeed was less maiden and more battle tested warrior. He also thought to himself that she would likely not be interested in a (relatively) young idealist such as himself. So he buried himself in his War and the politics of the East Continent, becoming one of the driving forces of the continuation of the Epoch of the Second Eastern Continental War, as the entire Continent was embroiled in a conflict of ideals and histories, North versus South. As time goes on, he looks deeper and deeper into history and begins to question his place in this world and his own mysterious past.



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