Long-Lost Sword of Flame

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Type Weapon
Discovered By Silesia Wentood
Discovery Date 2009-7-15
Discovery Location Beluaterra
Abilities Prestige +9
Oratory +12%
Current Owner Regstav Pryde

Long-Lost Sword of Flame Weapon

Long Lost Sword of Flame.jpg

Wielded by

Strat Fender of Hetland and now Thalmarkin

Regstav Pryde and Terra Belmond Pryde of the Pryde Family


In long ago days, the Sword of Flame was forged by Vulcan himself and given to one of his most trusted followers. That follower wielded it against humanities enemies until he died in battle and the sword was lost to time.

The Long-Lost Sword of Flame Was found by Silesia Wentwood in July of 2009 on the Island of Beluaterra and sold to Strat Fender of Hetland, before Silesia was Killed by the undead. Strat Fender then sold it to Regstav Pryde who wielded it during the Second Daimon Invasion.

It continued to serve Duke Strat and grew from a level 3 to a level 8 in Prestige. Then under the helpful hand of V'kesta, who returned the sword to Strat, it gained a bonus fitting for Heroes, a 12 percent Oratory bonus.

During a ceremony at the Dukes Manor in Creasur, Strat presented the Long-Lost Sword of Flame to Restav, Marshal of the Arms of Creasur, for him to wield in the battles Hetland faces.

It now incorporates the tooth of the first Daimon to wear the name of Kree, the one that VonGarrett Anderbliss killed. It also incorporates a ring of teeth from the second Daimon to wear the name of Kree, that one killed by Marzo Zond. Regstav was involved in both battles, and claimed those relics of the dead so all could know that even a great Daimon lord could be killed.

The Daimons sent it from Beluaterra with Regstav as they destroyed Hetland. He continued to wield it as the last Tyrant of Tara until Atamara sank beneath the waves. Then he wielded it as the Archon of Astrum until he died in glorious battle.

The blade has now chosen Terra Belmond Pryde (Regstav's wife) of Astrum as its new master.