Choosing a name

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One of the first things you'll need to do in this game is choose a name, first a family name and then your first character's name.

There aren't many hard and fast rules. However, we can offer you a bundle of guidelines:

  • Do not use offensive names. That is really more a rule than a guideline, and characters have been deleted for clearly offensive names.
  • Both your family and character name should be proper names, not nicknames, handles or code signs.
  • Use proper spelling, no 1337 5p34k or sy|\/|bols.
  • In case of doubt, err on the side of common and conservative names.
  • You cannot use any non-English characters. You may meet some players in-game with special characters in their name; these characters were created before this rule came into being.
  • This is a low fantasy genre game, names consistant with the genre will make integration of your character/family to the game more seamless for yourself and others. Remember everyone loves a good name.
  • Your family name should not be a silly name, either. It is appended to your character names, so choose one that fits there. (don't use "Kain of the Broken Sword" unless you don't mind having the game talk about the "of the Broken Sword" family (perhaps "Kain Brokenblade" would be better, giving you the "Brokenblade" family).
  • Both character and family names should have proper capitalization: having a name like "marcus aurelius" is highly likely to make people react less positively to you to start off with, as it makes it seem like you just don't care enough to hit that "Shift" key.

As a final note, no two characters on one continent can have the same first name. (It would just be too confusing since last names are almost never used by the game.) You can either try creating that character on a different continent or changing its name.