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Woodglen is a small region of small farming communities dotted through the great forests, as well as fishing along the great river. The citizens of Woodglen are a hearty bunch who are accustomed to hard work and a simple life. The main village for the most part is a stopping point before continuing on to either Lamoni or Eaglin. Most of the buildings are related in some way to the local government. The prominent men and women that reside in Woodglen wear a few different hats at least - a few connections goes a long way in this damp region. The market supplies the bare essentials. Produce, forestry and farming tools, some wagon parts, and perhaps some illicit goods if you know who to talk to.

Sparsely populated and a short distance between two major cities; Woodglen is home to several penal colonies that specialize in forestry. It has been said that at the peak of war with Falasan, the local Lord recruited twenty axmen from one of the several colonies. Asked why by a fellow commander, the Lord replied, "Recruits cost gold. Swords and armor cost gold. Brigand axmen however, prefer to be paid in brandy, which Woodglen has a plenty of."

Inside the oldest part of the damp forest is a recruitment center where the few dedicated Woodglen Axmen train to become Woodglen Elite Axmen. Attrition is high, but so is moral. A sturdy long house is erected and is the only permanent structure. All other facilities are supported by tents of all sizes. They train daily, some training evolutions include: mock raids across the river in long canoes, climbing the tallest trees with only spiked boots and a yard of rope, and axe throwing with deadly precision from a myriad of situations. Some of the best forces in the Empire are created here.

Woodglen's hidden treasure is known to few outside the region. 'Gold of Woodglen' brandy has a deceptively smooth palate and strong kick - enthusiasts claim it calms the damp humors endemic in the region.

The Order provides solace to the population, and some followers of The Word can be found here as well.