The Twilight Fellowship

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The Twilight Fellowship

We shall stumble until we admit we are blind.-Gracus Bander(Original Founder)


The Twilight Fellowship was founded by Duke Gracus Bander,shortly before he left for distant shores.The theocracy of the Grand Lodge of Lunaria needed a doctrine.The Fellowship provides this.

NOTE: With the first temples built the guild hall is a place to learn. It has been kept as a library with an entire section devoted to the twilight faith. People may come and go to study the twilight faith as they please.


The aim of the Fellowship is to spread Luna's light.The Grand Lodge of Lunaria is guided in its path by Luna's light.It helps bring purpose to all our live's

About The Fellowship


Sol comes to us in the morning, pushing away the darkness. It is in his light that we may find rest. As he passes over us, Sol nourishes our crops, and through them, our bodies. In the same way, Sol nourishes our spirits, giving us the sustenance we so desperately seek. Fire is his sign, warm and full of life. When you are under Sol's protection, no darkness may approach.


Our land exists in darkness, and in this state, we rely on Luna, whose clear light pierces the veil of night. Her light defends us in the darkest of times. Where Sol gives shelter, Luna fights where there is no shelter. Luna illuminates through the darkness, even as she helps us see truth in the midst of lies. Though Luna lacks Sol's power to burn away the night, she is nearer to us, ever toiling against the night, and it is to her that we owe the balance of our thanks. If ever we are to find Sol's warm embrace again, it will be Luna who guides us there.

Our Duty

1. Comfort and sustenance are to be given to the weak.

2. Truth is our duty. As darkness shrouds us all, lies obscure our path.

3. Murder is done on this earth. Its perpetrators must be sought, and brought under Luna's Light.

4. Respect must be shared with all of Sol's children, even those lost in darkness.

5. Honor is found in guiding the lost to the path to Sol.

Secrets of the Twilight

Current Members

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Ziode {Founder}

Brian{Keeper of Luna's Light}

Pierre Reynald {Revealer of the Stars}

Eirik II {Keeper of the flame of SoL}