The Shadow Collective

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(OOC: None of the below information is for in game use)


Based in Atamara this underground para realm organization aims to advance its members into positions of power. Where most groups have an ulterior motive for gaining influence and wealth the SC's goal is power in itself.

It will ensure the safety and power of its members in anyway possible legal or illegal. Therefore it's membership is kept secret and trustworthiness is paramount before one is given membership to the group.


To gain power the group will do things both legal and illegal. Sometimes it will hire itself out as a spy or assassin ring to a realm in return for positions of power or gold. It may even hire itself out to particular nobles who wish to rise in ranks either through election fraud or legal means. Other times it may just perform legal errands or act as a negotiating group between to warring parties.


Since members are based in various realms across the continent, and secrecy is paramount, the SC communicates through already existing guilds. No single SC member will know all the other members, not even the founder. This prevents the whole group from being exposed through deceit or torture.

If an SC member suspects that another noble might belong to the group but is not sure he will send out a code, that will look like an ordinary message, to all nobles of the realm. If an SC member sees this code he is to respond to the sender with another code which will identify him as a member.


The SC is an underground organization and therefore it will vigorously screen potential members before actually offering them a position in the organization.

The most common way a member is recruited is by becoming an acquaintance of an SC member and then after being evaluated and questioned by the member being asked to join. If the potential member turns the offer down he is warned not to spread the identity of the recruiter to anyone else. In return he becomes a client and can call on the services of the SC if he has a suitable reward for the organization.

More to come...