The Andrew McKay Memorial

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Sword on plaque.jpg
Sword on plaque.jpg

The Guild

The guild is a tribute for King Andrew McKay, taken by the sleeping sickness. We who knew him will always remember him.

The king is dead, long live the king!


This guild was started as a memorial for Mathew Hetland, who played BattleMaster as King Andrew. As far as we know, he was taken by a heart attack. In that sense, this memorial is very real, even if it only exists in our minds and on the computer.

A Request

Matt was a good man. Please feel free to leave comments here. IC or OOC doesn't matter as they should honor a great guy and fellow game player. Try to be polite at least. This is a memorial. I'm sure he'd be touched by any and all comments left here. (An editor's note. Write around the image inserts. They make a border that adds a nice touch to the page.)

Comments and Messages

Sir Kellaine Ogren, Viscount of Ovujemeh, the day before his departure from KoA, dedicated a Temple to Alluran in memory of a great man, Matt Hetland, his teacher and mentor as a child.

Sword on plaque.jpg
Sword on plaque.jpg