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The Society was formed with the primary intent of recruiting diplomats into its ranks, though other nobles of all stations are welcome to join. It is a forum for discussion of diplomatic matters of all varieties, as well as politically related discussion. It seeks to assist nobles in communicating with one other, both for simple discussion sake, but also for the purpose of realm diplomacy.

Structure and Culture:

Any noble, regardless of station, is welcome to join the Society. All members are encouraged to discuss matters and engage in debate or argument where appropriate. Members are instructed that disagreements are unavoidable, but personal attacks and behavior unbecoming of a noble is not welcome within the Society.

Nobles who join the Society will find themselves at the rank of Envoy, considered an aspirant rank. There are no dues required at this level. Nobles who wish to do so may either pay a 1 gold fee, or simply ask in order to be advanced to a full member, known as a Councilor. Individuals who are dedicated to the art of diplomacy, usually diplomats by class, or rulers and the like, are set as Emissaries. Both Councilors and Emissaries have three tiers, a basic tier which requires only 1 gold per month in dues. The second tier, adding the prefix of 'High' to their Society title, requires 5 gold per month in dues. The third tier, adding the prefix of 'Grand' to their society title, requires 10 gold per month in dues. These ranks simply differentiate one's role in diplomacy, and how much of one's personal wealth they are willing to use to assist the Society in its operating costs. Higher rank is not necessarily a mark of higher authority.

The Society does not represent any realm, and as an organization is neutral in all matters. No realm may be barred from membership in the Society. We maintain that membership works counter to diplomatic isolation, and if a realm wishes to remain separate from the Society, the damage is only to that realm and its ability to communicate.

Nobles may only be removed or barred from the Society for acts which specifically sabotage the Society itself, such as the destruction of guild halls or theft; or for continued and repeated refusal to abide by the simple rules of the Society.

It is expected that realms of the Far East will find themselves at war, and as the Society seeks to include members from across the continent, it is inevitable that members will find themselves in a state of war against other members.

War is simply a stage of diplomacy, and while the Society often seeks a peaceful and negotiated resolution to conflicts, it recognizes that war is a certainty.

Guild halls of the Society:

The Society presently has guild houses in the following provinces.

Irneas (Arcaea) Sasrhas (Ohnar West) Ossaet (Ohnar West)

The Library of the Society: